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-Marlena and the rest go back into the sitting part of the jet as Kayla begins work on Roman, and she prays that Roman will make it. She looks at Sami, and slowly walks over to her. She asks her how she got to the island, and Sami slowly says in between tears she was with EJ…and they were going to try to stop Stefano and Helena, but EJ tricked her slightly and ended up being killed by Steve. Marlena sighs and tells Sami she is so sorry, but Sami says no and she will get over it herself…she wants to be here for Marlena this time.

-Tony and Anna rush through the DiMera Compound while guards panic, and beams and lights fall, and Anna asks Tony how exactly the compound is self-destructing. Tony then answers apparently by collapsing, and both of them clutch each others hands as they run towards the main entrance, and once they get there Tony hurriedly begins to punch in buttons on the button pad to get the door to open, and after a few combinations he finally gets it open out of memory from certain combinations his father preferred decades ago. He and Anna rush outside, and see the jet and Anna says they must get there in time!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Marlena manages to smile at Sami, and thanks her, and Sami says its all part of growing up…she sighs as she begins to think about EJ again, and Marlena decides to leave her alone for the time being. While she awaits news on Roman, the pilot asks Shane where they are headed. Shane sighs and says he has been thinking about that, and then tells the pilot to head to Salem…it is a little ways but not extremely far, he just hopes Roman and Stefano can make it…

-Tony and Anna rush towards the jet as Anna leads the way for Tony, and Tony yells to her once they are on that plane she better explain everything to him. Anna sighs and thinks to herself she can’t explain EVERYTHING just yet and flashes back to what Tony’s alter told her about Jan, but then outloud promises to Tony she will. Tony and Anna rush out onto the beach just as the ISA jet is about to take off, but both of them jump and they make it on in time!

-Kayla stands over Roman as she and a few ISA agents try to remove the bullets from him, and she says she can’t lose him like the rest. She flashes back to Shawn Sr. dying because he gave too much blood to her, and then she flashes back to after the Chez Rouge ball and Caroline going into a coma…but then she vows to not let Roman go down in flames.

-Shane, Allan, Hattie, and Steve all see Anna and Tony jump on, and Shane asks them in confusion whats going on. Tony says that’s what he’d like to know, but Anna says that Tony is back on their side and the DiMera Compound has fallen apart. Tony then says to Anna its time for her to explain what is going on.

-Kayla continues to operate on Roman, as a few tears drop from her eyes. Meanwhile Stefano begins to flatline, and after a moment of running Kayla yells to Shane that they have to get to a hospital FAST or both Stefano and Roman will be lost!!!!!


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