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-Anna slowly says “Tony? Is that you?” and Tony slowly says “Anna? What…what happened?” and she says it is a long story, but they are in a DiMera compound on the island they were all at in November 1984 and they’ve got to get out of here!

-Roman and Stefano both lie on the beach in pain, and both of them have been shot in critical places in their bodies. Stefano has a shot in his head and on his leg, while Roman is shot in the neck and shoulder. Marlena rushes to Roman, as he lies slightly consicious. He looks up at her and slowly tries to say “Do..c…” and Shane approaches and looks at both of them, and Stefano is already unconscious. He yells to one of the ISA agents:

Shane: Get one of those jets back here now, that have some type of medical area! We need to transport these men to a medical facility NOW!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Tony says “What?! Anna, I need to know what is going on! Last I remember we were in Aremid!” and Anna says she will explain it all but first they need to escape, and Tony sighs and says fine, but first they need to find a way to shut down the compound. Anna agrees, and Tony says knowing how Stefano designs places like these, he might know where a place could be.

-Marlena to tells Roman to just hold on, and she looks down on him and breathes in and out as she says:

Marlena: I know you can live…you’ve come through so much…survive for our love, our children, our family.

Roman manages to clutch Marlena’s hand with his for re-assurance as he finally begins to fall unconscious, but before his eyes close a tear drops from Marlena’s eyes that land on one of his eyes. Kayla, Steve, Sami, Allan, and Hattie rush down to the beach and they see the ISA jet approaching, it not having gotten far after dropping Shane and the other ISA agents off, and Allan tells Shane that Anna must still be in the compound. He yells to Allan his men are trying to find another way in, they will get her in time. Kayla gets down and checks both Roman and Stefano’s pulses, and says they are barely alive but their pulses are fading fast.

-Anna tells Tony to just lead the way, and he’ll say they will need to sneak past Stefano’s guards, but Anna says with a wink she has a better idea, and begins to explain:

Anna: Again I’ll explain later, but Stefano’s men have a renewed respect for you. You can make it look like you captured me, and are taking me to wherever you are going to hold me captive. They won’t suspect a thing.

Tony: I am still a bit confused by this all but I will go along with this.

Anna smiles as they begin to make Anna’s plan look real, and they set off.

-The jet lands, and Shane, Allan, and Steve and a few other ISA agents quickly get Roman and Stefano and carry them to the jet, while Kayla, Marlena, Sami, and Hattie quickly follow. Once boarded Kayla rushes to the small medical clinic-type area, and Stefano and Roman are quickly but gently put down on two beds. Kayla however says they need to hurry, because she can’t operate on them both. She sighs, and looks at the group before her, and says:

Kayla: I need one of you to choose who I operate on: Stefano, or Roman.

-Tony and Anna walk through the halls of the DiMera Palace, and guards stare at them though Tony and Anna stage their act. Anna whispers to Tony she thinks they are buying it, and he agrees. Finally they get to the place Tony believes to be the control room, and they enter. Anna laughs and says she is a professional at pulling off scams like they just did, and Tony grins. He walks over to the control panel, and examines them for a moment. He then says:

Tony: Be prepared to run, Anna…the only thing I can do is self-destruct the compound…

Anna sighs and says somehow she should have expected this, and slowly Tony pushes the button, and he grabs Anna as they begin to run and the compound starts to fall apart!

-Marlena looks at Shane, and says she knows who she wants Kayla to operate on…but she needs to let him decide, because he is the one who will be the most fair of all. Kayla says they don’t have much time, and Shane sighs and looks at Marlena, Sami, and then Roman and Stefano. He briefly thinks of Kim, and then says as he stares at Kayla:

Shane: Operate on…Roman. I will see if any of my ISA agents can try to keep Stefano alive…

Kayla nods slowly, and turns to get to work…


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