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-Kayla walks over and checks EJ’s pulse, and after a few minutes she says he’s gone. Sami nods slowly, and Shane asks what happened. Steve explains the situation, and shows Shane a couple of bullets that EJ fired in the struggle but missed. Shane nods slowly, and says it looks like there has already been one death here. A few ISA agents pick up EJ’s body, Shane looks at the entrance and says its metal…he’s not sure how they will get through it.

- “Tony” laughs and tells Anna that will not work on him, but Anna says it will if she tries. Anna then says:

Anna: Tony…I need you…if you are truly in there and this is some alternate personality…I know you can beat him…for me…please….use the strength I KNOW you have…we got through your look alike Andre we can get through this fool…

-Stefano says that would give closure, and give him satisfaction, knowing Roman Brady is dead. Roman tells him he won’t be the dead one this time, and Stefano laughs and says this will go the exact way it did in 1984...only this time Roman won’t live. Roman tells Stefano to shut up, and Stefano then says after Roman is dead he will destroy every one of his family members…and then take Marlena and have an affair with her just like he did with Helena. Roman in anger attacks Stefano!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Steve tells Shane Anna and Marlena got in, but suddenly Tony shut the door on them. Shane in confusion says “Tony? He’s…working with Stefano?” and Steve says “I guess…I heard Anna was pretty upset about something regarding with him…”

-Stefano punches Roman, and Roman turns around and faces Stefano, and he says it looks like this time Stefano is the one nearing the edge of the cliff. Stefano holds his gun at Roman, and says:

Stefano: Do you have the courage to kill me, Roman? It would be against the law.

Roman: The law doesn’t apply when it comes to you anymore…you have pushed me to so many limits, Stefano…I have no problem with killing you.

Stefano: Then shut up and do it.

-Marlena slowly walks on the island after finding and using the side exit from the DiMera Compound, and as she walks she looks up at the cliff and sees Stefano and Roman both there. She slowly whispers “Do it, my love…”

- “Tony” n=begins to clutch his head slightly, and tells Anna to be quiet. Anna then says:

Anna: Fight him, Tony! COME BACK TO ME!

“Tony” then angrily snarls and grabs Anna and holds a knife to her neck…

-Roman is silent for a moment, and Stefano laughs and says:

Stefano: You will never be able to do it, for you may be Roman Brady…but you are also my Pawn…my loyal Pawn who will never betray his master…

Roman launches himself at Stefano, and another struggle ensues, but this time multiple shots go off!!!!!!

-The group at the front of the compound hears gun shots, and all look to where the cliff is. Shane says “Oh no…” and tells his men to get up there, and Steve, Sami, and Kayla stare up in shock…

- Anna looks into “Tony’s” eyes with no fear, and says:

Anna: You can’t do that to me…Tony won’t let you…he cares for me too much…you have no power and can’t harm me at all.

Anna suddenly pulls the knife out of “Tony’s” hands and leans in an kisses him, and whispers:

Anna: I love you, Tony…

Suddenly, “Tony” is motionless, and just stares at Anna as he fades away…

-On the cliff, as the whole island watches, Stefano and Roman’s eyes are both wide, as they both begin to FALL OFF THE EDGE OF THE CLIFF! Both have been shot, and they go tumbling to the beach as Marlena, Shane, and the ISA agents rush to the beach…

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