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Written by: Daysfan


-EJ and Sami kiss wildly in the bed at the inn, and EJ is now shirtless and slowly removes Sami’s shirt. They continue to kiss and after a moment Sami finally pulls back and says with a chuckle “What the hell did we just do?” and EJ says as he looks at her with a wide smile she knows what they just did.

-Shane wonders what is taking so long with EJ and Sami’s talk, and finally he and the ISA agents burst in the warehouse to see EJ’s handcuffs on the ground! One of the ISA agents ask if they think he could have escaped on his own and taken Sami with him, and Shane shakes his head and says those cuffs were strong and locked tight…he has a gut feeling Sami helped him. He says they need to tell Roman and Marlena now and he quickly walks out of the warehouse.

-Stefano stands in anger and tells “Tony” he can’t shoot him and he knows he can’t. He tells him he is loyal soldier and always has been. “Tony” is inclined to back down due to his default personality, and slowly puts the gun away. He then tells Stefano he may have not killed him, but if he gets a chance to kill Helena he WILL! Stefano sighs and says perhaps she will die, and that he has one more place left for them to go…a place where the war will END!

-Kayla asks Steve why he called out Gina’s name, and Steve realizes it is Kayla and quickly says it was just because of all that happened. Kayla decides to shrug it off even though she knows otherwise, and says they should get going. He agrees and they leave the rooftop.

-Maggie, Julie, Nick, Abby, and Jeremy are at the Horton House looking at old photos. Julie sighs as she looks at a picture of Tom, Alice, and Mickey, and then she sadly looks at a picture of Doug and herself. She says the Horton House is empty now that Alice has passed on…and Maggie nods slowly. Julie says it feels like just yesterday she got arrested for shoplifting in that store back in 1965. Maggie laughs and Abby says “What?” and Julie tells her she doesn’t want to know, and Nick says yes they do and this sounds interesting. Maggie with another laugh tells them to be prepared because this is a long story.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Bo heads off to find Gina after Hope heads back to the hotel they and the other Salemites are staying in, Bo not telling her about Gina escaping. Bo finds on the street the ISA agents leading the cuffed Gina off, and he tells them to stop and that he needs to speak to Gina. Gina turns and looks at him.

-Sami sighs and says she guesses she does. EJ tells her there is no reason to sigh, and that she is a single woman and she’s not cheating on anyone. Sami says he is right its just hard to jump into bed with someone, even a friend. EJ says of course it is, but it is alright and they aren’t even officially a couple, though he thinks to himself soon she will be and she will ruin the Cassadine and DiMera empires with him. Sami says again he is right and they give in and kiss again.

-Lucas is looking for Sami and sighs as he cannot find her anywhere around the DiMera palace, and as he is looking for her on the streets of Italy he passes the secretary at the inn EJ is staying in, who is going to her car, and he asks her if she’s seen Sami Brady anywhere and describes her, and the secretary says yes in fact she rented a room earlier today and gives him the number. He thanks her and heads inside the Inn!

- “Tony” says he had better be right, because he will handle the war himself for Stefano if the war does not end soon with Helena dead. Stefano sighs and simply tells him not to worry, and that soon they will both be very satisfied. “Tony” then asks him about their other problem: EJ Wells. Stefano tells “Tony” that he needs to focus on the war and that he will handle his son with Helena. “Tony” nods and says of course, and Stefano says with a smirk “Don’t think I have one more surprise left for my good friends Roman, Marlena, and Shane however before we leave Italy…they will get their just desserts, my son, which will give us time to escape.” and both laugh maniacally…

-Julie says “Oh Lord, I shouldn’t have even brought up the subject in this case.” and Maggie tells her to not be embarrassed, and Maggie looks to her three grandchildren and says years ago in 1965 Julie’s two friends pressured her into stealing a mink, however Julie wasn’t too skilled with shoplifting so she got arrested. Julie tells Maggie with a sarcastic laugh to please stop now before she goes any further, and Jeremy says no they want to hear this. Maggie continues on and says at the police station she put her last name down as “Horton” so Tom and Alice would come down to the station instead of her parents, and Tom and Mickey ended up coming down there, and Julie sighs as she remembers that day( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YM_pSckDq4M )

-One of the ISA agents asks Bo if he’s sure, and Bo nods. They slowly let go but still stand behind Gina, and Gina just stares at her old boyfriend. Bo says Jan, Belle, Hope, and Steve have all gotten to confront her…and now its his turn. Gina tells Bo she needs no lecture, and Bo says he doesn’t have a huge rant to make. He says all he wants to know is why. Why she killed his son.

-Sami and EJ continue to kiss very passionately and roll around on the bed. It continues on for a couple more minutes, until they both suddenly hear a knock on the door and Lucas’s voice says from the outside “Sami? Are you in there?” and Sami’s eyes widen. EJ sighs and tells her to not worry, and again she may have spent some time with Lucas and gone to the Chez Rouge Ball with him but she is not in an official relationship with him and hasn’t been for a long time. Sami sighs and says yet again he is right, and she gets her shirt on and goes to the door, but when she opens it she comes out of her room and shuts the door before Lucas can see EJ. Lucas raises an eyebrow and asks if she was doing something and he thought he heard voices and it took her a little while to get to the door, but Sami shakes her head and says no. Lucas just goes with it since he is so distracted by Kate’s death and tells her he has some horrible news, and he then tells her Kate was shot and killed!

-Shane gets to the hotel where Roman and Marlena, as well as Bo, Hope, and the others are staying, and finds Roman and Marlena’s room and knocks on the door, telling them he needs to speak to them. Roman and Marlena are simply lying in bed together with Marlena leaning on Roman’s chest, but Marlena sighs and says she hopes nothing huge has happened. Both of them get up and Roman goes to the door and opens it. Shane then informs them of what happened with EJ and Sami! Roman groans and turns around and closes his eyes as he begins to pace, and Marlena tells Shane that Sami is growing up and she wouldn’t set him free. Shane says EJ could have always escaped and taken her, that is a strong possibility…but he’s not quite sure. Roman turns around and says to them both:

Roman: Sami wouldn’t have set him free if she believed him to be actually evil and lethal…but those two have known each other for a long time before this whole Cassadine/DiMera problem happened. If she thinks what EJ is doing is not wrong, then she would sure as hell set him free. Doc and I know her, and I am sure deep down you know the same thing I do, Doc.

Marlena sighs and nods slowly, and says they need to go and try to find her now.

-Sami stares at Lucas in shock and exclaims “Lucas, oh my goodness…I…I’m….so sorry…I know Kate and I were never good friends but still…that’s your own mother…” and Lucas nods and says its most likely that Helena Cassadine killed her, and Sami raises an eyebrow and says “No, that’s not possible.” and Lucas says “What?!” in confusion, and Sami goes on to tell him that Kate was the one who lured her to the docks last month for Helena to kill her. She says obviously Kate and Helena had an alliance, and Lucas stares in shock, and says he needs to go tell the Billie, ISA, and others this. Sami nods and asks if he needs her to come with him, and he shakes his head and says she can rest after all that’s happened and he’s sorry to interrupt her. Sami tells him its fine and Lucas leaves, and Sami goes back into her room and tells EJ she has to go and something terrible has happened, and he asks her what and she explains the situation with Kate. She tells him to just stay here and stay hidden, and she quickly leaves.

-Gina stares at Bo, and is quiet for a moment. He demands for an answer, and she tells him it was for him. Bo begins to seeth with anger, and tells her to cut the crap. She tells him in a monotone it is true, and he says it’s Bo she’s talking to, and he stabbed a man’s eye out for her. Gina snorts and says in pure jealousy, and he hisses enough and stomps up to her and grabs her by the neck and ORDERS her to tell him why she killed his son NOW. She finally says “Fine, I killed your worthless son to sever one of the last bonds you have to Hope. In fact if things go my way, your daughters might end up the same way as your precious Shawn Douglas did.” and at that Bo yells out in anger and shoves her up against the wall of a building and then in anger shoves her down and is on top of her, and he yells that he loved Shawn more than anything and that was the LAST SON he had, and she will NEVER hurt his daughters, and he also tells her in anger:

Bo: You pricy bitch. I can’t believe I ever loved you.

Gina: Oh Bo, someday you will again.

In the struggle Gina manages to get out of her cuffs, and finally kicks him and slips her hand over to his waist and while he tries to hold her down she takes his gun! In the struggle as she tries to stand and the ISA agents try to restrain her again, she points the gun at HERSELF, and shoots herself four times in the chest, and then as Bo grabs her hands she points it at her chin and shoots one more time before falling over unconscious, and one of the ISA call an ambulance, and quickly they alive and load Gina onto a stretcher. Bo asks if they think she’ll survive, and they say they can save her…but they already know she won’t make it out perfectly alright and that is 100% true. They get her into the ambulance and drive off as Bo watches on the street with the two ISA agents.

-After the story is over, Jeremy comments to Julie he never thought a saint like her would get arrested especially for stealing. Julie simply tells him “Believe me, I am no saint.” and manages to give a laugh, and Maggie smiles and says that was a long time ago and Julie is certainly not like that now. They all laugh and Maggie then tells them they should be getting home and Julie nods in agreement. Maggie, Abby, Nick, and Jeremy all walk out and Julie tells them she will be there in a minute. She looks at all the pictures of the Horton family one last time, and sighs sadly, but she knows her mother, Alice, Tom, Mickey, and Doug would want her to be happy right now. She gently smiles as she turns the hourglass on the coffee table over and sand begins to trickle through it once more, and Julie then leaves the Horton House…

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Great episode! I loved the Hortons together and that story. Not only did it give a great balance of history and brought out the younger generation, it also gave a better balance because you have a lot of drama and this was a nice comedic touch. It was very nice.

You know as much as I should hate her, Gina is starting to grow on me. I love that she is a kick ass woman who takes no prisioners. I would love to see some of the other women, like Billie, Hope, Greta, and Kayla because Gina deserves it.

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