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Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Written by: Daysfan & Jay


-Sami and Lucas find Billie and Sami offers her condolences to Billie as well. Billie says thank you. Lucas begins to tell Billie about what Sami told him about Kate and Helena’s alliance. Once informed, Billie calls in an agent, the same agent who let Sami see EJ. When he is told that Sami has information, he automatically shuns it and says “I don’t care what this woman said. She helped a criminal get away. I’m not taking her word.”

-Another ISA agent comes in to inform Bo that it looks like Gina will be paralyzed because 2 of the bullets to the chest pierced her spine. Bo asks the agent where Gina is and they let him know that she is in a hospital about a mile off of the grounds. Steve comes in and Bo tells him about his confrontation with Gina and what just happened, and the development that he just received, and Steve and Bo both decide that they should go see Gina. As they are leaving, Kayla and Hope stop them and ask them where they are going. Steve and Bo look at each other.

EJ is sneaking around the castle, and he comes upon Stefano’s office. He is about to go inside, where Stefano and “Tony” were, when he hears his name whispered. “EJ”. Its Helena and she motions him to come over. He hesitates.

-Stefano and “Tony” are plotting. “Tony” lets Stefano know that he intends to kill Helena when he sees her. Stefano agrees fully, and says “I may not have been able to do it, my son…but you…you will be able to!” “Tony” loads his gun.

*LIS Opening*

-“Come here my son” Helena calls out to EJ. He goes over to Helena. “Yes, mother, what it is. I can not be seen with you, not now; you and I are both in danger.” he says, deciding to not stir up a storm by trying to take down her or Stefano quite yet “I live for danger, my boy. That does not bother me. I just want you to know the truth about why your father and I hate each other so.” Helena says. EJ stops her. “I don’t want to know.”

-Billie comes down on the ISA agent questioning his professionalism. He shoots back at Billie by telling her that Sami Brady is a known liar who may have killed Kate herself because of her own problems with her. “If she can free Wells, she can lie about a woman she barely cares about.” he tells Billie “She’s lucky we haven’t been able to arrest her yet.” “How do you know so much about me?” Sami asks. Billie lets Sami know that ISA was involved when she was on death row, her file is still within the branch and all encounters she has with the law are documented. Lucas jumps to Sami’s defense, demanding that the agent believe Sami’s claim. The agent will not bulge.

-Bo starts to tell Hope that he and Steve are going to see Gina, when Steve cuts him off and tells Hope and Kayla that he and Bo are going off the grounds to see if they can get some information on the place. Hope isn’t falling for it. She tells Steve his story sounds shaky and non detailed. “Brady, what’s really going on?” She asks Bo. Bo tells her that Steve is telling the truth. “I’ve called Roman and he and Marlena should be down here soon. Go with them and stay with them” Bo advises. Hope and Kayla kiss Steve and Bo goodbye. “ I hate lying to her Steve.” Bo says after they leave “I know, Bo, but imagine what would happen if we told Hope we were going to see the woman who killed her son.” “He killed MY son too. What the hell makes me so compelled to want to go see her?” Bo asks.

-After Steve and Bo leave Hope is walking through the halls of the hotel just to try to get her minds off things, but hears two women talking about they heard a killer princess shot herself and was rushed to the hospital nearby. Hope gasps and realizes it is Gina, and anger wells up in her. She slowly walks off and out the door of the hotel.

-Steve and Bo, on their way to the hospital, bump into Roman and Marlena. Both begin to tell them about what happened with Sami and EJ. Hope slips past all of them without any noticing.

-Stefano is alone in his secret office and says "Whether my son fails or not, you will die Helena...and if need be...I must kill you myself if all else fails..."

-EJ tells Helena that he does not want to know, now, why Helena and Stefano are fighting. He tells them that they must go somewhere and hide before any conversation between them goes on. The two walk away, as “Tony” opens the door, gun in hand. “I’m coming for you Helena”, “Tony” says.

-Hope arrives at the hospital shortly, and asks the secretary if a woman named Gina Von Amberg is there. The secretary says yes and says she looks remarkably similar to her, and Hope nods and says with gritted teeth “She’s a friend.” and the secretary gives her Gina’s room number and Hope walks off.

-After a few minutes Hope gets to the room where Gina is, and it is in a very dimmed area of the hospital and most people are off shift except several nurses and doctors due to the small size of the hospital. Hope slowly walks in, and she and Gina exchange a death glare.

Then there is a split screen of “Tony” with a gun, and Hope and Gina’s vicious glare.


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