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Written by: Daysfan


-Bo, Steve, Roman, and Marlena continue to talk. Bo sighs and tells Roman he’d love to help, but he is going to the hospital with Steve to see Gina, and he’s not sure what he could do since he barely helped with the hostage situation in the DiMera palace earlier. Marlena interrupts and says she thinks its not a good idea for either of them to go see Gina.

-Sami tells the agent she may have been a liar in the past but she wouldn’t lie about something as huge as this, but the agent sighs and says they need to question her anyway about the escape of EJ. Lucas looks at Sami and asks her what the hell the agent is talking about. Alexis watches from behind another building and whispers “Busted, Sami.”

-Abe and Lexie stand outside the DiMera Palace and Nikolas’s body is wheeled out, and Lexie asks Abe if its going back to Port Charles. Abe nods and says he’s made arrangements and the ISA is flying it there immediately and he sent his condolences. Lexie sighs and asks if she will be tried for this murder too.

-Hope stares down at Gina, who is slipping in and out of consciousness and is on life support. She slowly walks forward to her bedside and says in a monotone “After five gunshots in the past 21 years, you are still alive. If only any of my loved ones, like my sons, had been as lucky to survive things as you have.”

Gina continues to stare, and as tears well up in Hope’s eyes she says “You just don’t stop do you? You just don’t stop murdering, kidnapping, and who knows what else?! You took away my LAST SON! I lost Zack that year, I lost Patrick, and to top it all off I lost Shawn!

She stares down at Gina as tears come rolling down her face, and whispers “And you wanted to steal Bo too. Well that won’t happen, I will not lose another one of my boys. I will not lose ANYTHING else, to you, Stefano DiMera, Megan Hathaway, or ANYONE!

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Marlena says she knows Gina is also Britta Englund, and both of them have problems with her. She says it would be best if they didn’t go, and Steve says its not like they are going to try to kill her. Roman agrees with Marlena, and Bo says he has to go see Gina.

Roman: No, Bo. I’m sorry brother, but I can’t trust you.

-Hope tries to keep herself from breaking down, and she then shouts “YOU JUST HAD TO KILL HIM! IN ONE OF THE MOST GRUELING WAYS POSSIBLE!”

She leans in to Gina’s face and hisses with emotion and sadness in her voice as more tears come “I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I did with JT and Zack, but not him..he was dead by the time he got to the hospital, and his body was burnt to a damn crisp!”

She wails as she slowly stands…

-Abe tells Lexie no, due to the fact Nikolas was about to kill Stefano and she basically saved his life. Lexie sighs and says fine, but thinks to herself Stefano can just die as well. She walks off, and stares back at Abe.

-Gina continues to merely stare at Hope, and Hope continues to rave “And you took so much precious time away from my life several years ago when I was trapped in that tower, right here in Europe! You impersonated me for so much time, and tried to make Roman think he had some affair with you!” she shouts in between the tears

“And then, lets go back even further!” Hope yells as she looks back at Gina “Because of you, Bo stabbed Steve’s eye out! Because of some trash like you! And then in 1986 or whenever it was, you caused me to get jealous of you because you wanted your former boyfriends! Then you got plastic surgery to look like me and created a new identity! You selfish bitch, you probably don’t care about anyone but yourself. Not even your daughter.”

Gina’s eyes narrow at Hope.

-Sami sighs and walks off out of instinct, and Lucas follows. He asks what the agent was talking about, and Sami tells him its just a bunch of bull they were feeding them. She walks away again, and Lucas sighs as he leans against the wall.

-Gina stares at Hope coldly, and Hope remarks angrily “Did I strike a nerve? I probably did. I can’t say I’m sorry.”

She walks around Gina’s bed and tearfully said “I lost my Gran. I lost my sons. I lost my life to you for a time, and at one point even thought I was YOU years ago, which took away even more time in my life! You could have come forward and revealed who I was at first but no, you had to scheme to get your beloved Bo! You have RUINED MY LIFE!”

A smirk slowly begins to form on Gina’s face, and Hope finally screams out very loudly in anger it echoes throughout the halls, and she jumps at the life support machine and presses the activate/de-activate button several times.

Gina tries to gasp for air but can’t, and Hope falls to the ground and finally breaks down in tears as Gina dies. Her wails echo throughout the room and halls in the hospital…


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