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Written by: Daysfan


-EJ takes Helena to the inn he was staying in, and they both sit down in chairs. Helena says she knows EJ turned against her as well as his father. She says that when he learns how this huge war started, perhaps he will see sense and continue to side with her. EJ says he doesn’t think that is possible, but Helena tells him that is nonsense. She then says she’ll start at the beginning…

The butler of the DiMera Palace lets Helena and her bodyguards in at the door, and she walks in as Stefano comes out from his main office. “Ah, Mrs. Cassadine, what do I owe this pleasure?” he asks

“Mikkos is off taking care of some other business, so he wanted me to come meet with you about arrangements for our…alliance.” Helena explains

“I had no idea you were involved with Mikkos’s business affairs.” Stefano says as he strokes his chin

“Oh Mr.DiMera I am very involved, Mikkos’s Empire could not last without me.” Helena tells him

“Very interesting…very interesting indeed…”

-Billie walks up to Lucas and says they should get back to Salem and take Kate’s body, so they can give her a proper funeral. Lucas nods slowly, and says he should probably find Sami and tell her. Billie says Sami’s going through enough trouble right now, and Lucas agrees. Both of them leave and make arrangements to get Kate’s body transported back to Salem.

-Bo tells Roman that she’s both his and Steve’s former lover, and she killed his son, they need to at least see her. Marlena counters them by saying they already did when Gina shot herself and nearly fell off the roof of a building. Roman again says he can’t trust either of them, unfortunately. Steve sighs, and gives in and says fine, they won’t go see Gina.

-Hope stands shakily, and as she cries stumbles out of the room, and gives one last painful look at Gina, and then stumbles down the halls. Shortly after she is gone doctors and nurses rush in and try to save Gina, but its too late. She’s dead.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Helena continues to tell EJ that when Stefano found that out, his plans began, and he started to use her. Mikkos was busy working on his weather machine most of the time, she had to meet with Stefano:

Helena, a few months later, is walking into Stefano’s main office at the DiMera Palace Stefano is sitting at the desk. “Ah, Mrs.Cassadine, it seems you must attend another meeting for your husband. I hope this does not become too common or I will have-” Stefano starts

“Oh please Mr.DiMera I need no empty threats. I know you will not terminate your potential alliance with the Cassadines.” Helena cuts him off

Stefano chuckles and reaches over and takes Helena’s hand “Call me Stefano, my dear. You and I…we should end this formality…”

Helena raises an eyebrow at Stefano.

-Bo looks at Steve in shock, and asks what he’s thinking. Steve says Roman and Marlena have a point. Suddenly, their conversation is interrupted by Shane. He says he has some bad news.

-Gina’s body is wheeled off to the morgue, and the doctor says to a nurse he’s informed the ISA of her death. She asks how Gina suddenly died, and he said it seems her life support suddenly shut off…and the nurse says that’s not a very common thing to happen. The doctor then says the only other possibility is someone shut it off, but the room was empty when they got there.

-Billie informs Allan that her and Lucas are going back to Salem to make funeral arrangements for Kate, and he nods and gives them his condolences. Lucas and Billie thank him and Lucas wonders if he should at least go tell Sami, and Billie says it might not be for the best. He once again agrees and they head for the airport.

-I see…” Helena says slowly “Lets get down to business then, Stefano.”

“Gladly. I will offer my full assets to you and your husband on one condition.” Stefano informs her

“And what would that be?”

“In a few years, I plan on extending my crime business to the small town of Salem, in America. However if I offer my assets to you and your husband, I will need your assets in return to take a firm grip on the town.”

EJ interrupts Helena and stands, and says:

EJ: Mother I did not let you come here to hear some novel about you and my father. You can show yourself out, because believe me, my mind is set. I could always kill you now, which would be a huge step.

Helena narrows her eyes at her son and says fine, but she will not give up on him just yet. She stands and walks out of the room, and soon exit’s the inn, but unknown to her “Tony” is right on her tail…

-Roman tells Shane to just tell them now, and Shane sighs and looks at Bo and Steve, and tells them he just got a call.

Steve: Oh Shane don’t delay us, give whatever this is to us blunt and now.

Shane sighs again and says fine, and then tells them Gina just died in the Italian hospital.

-Hope stumbles all the way back to the hotel, taking a shortcut to it, and she gets back to her room in tears and falls on her bed bawling.

Hope: She impersonated me…she killed my son…she killed my baby…my first child…and she never even had the goodness to regret any of it or let me say goodbye to him…

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Is Mikkos alive in your blog? I noticed Helena was talking about him being away, Mikkos was killed in the 80's during the weather machine incident. I'm only bringing that up because I wasn't sure if you brought him back or didn't know.

Good episode.

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