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Written by: Daysfan


-Maggie and Julie are back at Maggie’s house, and are putting up Thanskgiving decorations. Maggie says she can’t believe its that time of year again, and Julie tells her time flies these days. Maggie sighs and says its been almost a year since Mickey’s death, and Julie pats her and says she knows. Suddenly the phone rings.

- Steve says “What? What the hell are you talking about?” and Shane says apparently her life support shut off unexpectedly, and Bo says that’s near impossible. Shane nods and says however they know of no visitors that could have shut it off, and Steve stomps off angrily. Bo runs after him.

- “Tony” follows Helena through several alleyways, gun in hand. He smirks and thinks to himself that her time shall soon be up. Unknown to him, Anna is searching for him close by!

-Hope sobs quietly on the bed inside the Italian hotel, and constantly flashes back to when back at the Italian hospital Gina’s smirk set her off. She remembers Gina’s blank expression as she died, and Hope finally realizes what she has done. “I killed a woman…” she whispers quietly in shock

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Julie picks up the phone and says “Hello”, and suddenly after a moment a frown grows on her face, and she begins speaking to the person on the other line, and then Maggie hears her saying:

Julie: No, doctor, please don’t tell me over the phone. I will be at the hospital, but it will be a few days. His daughter is out of the country, and I don’t want to be there without her. Thank you.

Julie slowly hangs the phone up, and turns to Maggie, and tells her the hospital has news on Doug.

-Steve walks over to a building and punches it in anger, and he looks as it bleeds slightly. Bo walks over and tells him:

Bo: Listen man, I’m mad about her death to…but don’t get yourself hurt over it…its just not worth it…

Steve: Not worth it?! Bo, even though I can hate her like hell and it burned more than ever on that rooftop, I realized that maybe if I could just get her sat down instead of her getting shot for the millionth time or gallivanting around continents, there might be a small chance for her. But now, because of some DAMN glitch in a machine, she’s dead. And this time, I know its true. She’s dead, and neither of us can bring her back.

-Anna walks down the sidewalk on a street in the town, and yells out:

Anna: Tony?! Tony?! Are you here? (in a lower tone) Damn where the hell did he go? I’ve searched almost everywhere for him!

In the alleyways, “Tony” continues to stalk Helena, and Helena can feel that someone’s behind her. She slithers through the alleyways, and for a moment she goes out into the sidewalk ahead of Anna, and Anna gasps in shock. “Tony” chases her and Anna yells “TONY?!” in shock when she sees him, and “Tony” glances at Anna and takes off after Helena.

-Hope is shivering as she sits up, and whispers to herself over and over:

Hope: I killed a woman…I killed a hospitalized woman…I killed someone…I’m a murderer…I’M A MURDERER!

Hope breathes heavily and begins to cry frantically as she puts her hands to her face.

-Maggie walks over to Julie’s side and Julie continues to explain that they want her to come down there for the news, but as she probably heard, she wants Hope home first before she goes there to find out the news. She continues on by saying:

Julie: Hope is Doug’s daughter, my sister, and like my own daughter. I need her here, and it wouldn’t be fair to her if I did this without her.

Maggie: I agree…but whatever the case, both of you will need to be there for each other. We all will, as we have been ever since Alice passed on. I can tell Hope is still reeling over her death, which is understandable, but also she is hunting down Shawn’s killer. I worry about her…she spent some time grieving over Alice and trying to get over Doug going into a coma…but I can still tell something is not right. This will be hard.

Julie: I know, I know…

-Steve sighs as he sits down on a crate nearby, and looks up at Bo. He says its hard to admit it, very hard considering he has wanted Gina/Britta dead a few times including this last issue with her, but he still cares for her in his own way.

Steve: Not like the love I have for Kayla…but another type of care, you know?

Bo: Yeah, I think I do. But any love I had for Britta has vanished over the years…or any type of caring. Especially when she killed my son…that took the last ounce away. And for a short time I couldn’t accept it, because of the sudden shock of learning she and Gina are the same person. But, no matter who she is, today I had thoughts of killing her myself.

-Roman, Marlena, and Shane approach the DiMera Palace, after deciding to give Steve and Bo some time alone. Shane says they have the place on a pretty tight lockdown, and the battle between his men and Stefano’s has been dead for quite awhile now, now the ISA is searching the place from top to bottom. Marlena and Roman begin to ask if anyone’s seen Sami, but suddenly they see SMOKE in the palace!

-Hope panics, and gets up and paces around the room. She continues to say she’s a murderer, and not thinking at all exclaims “I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!”

-Anna runs after “Tony” and yells to him what the hell does he think he is doing with a gun, and chasing Helena ALONE! “Tony” does not respond and continues after Helena, and corners her at long last in a dead-end alley, and Helena snarls at “Tony” and tells him to take his best shot. “Tony” looks to see Anna closing him on him and says:

Tony: No time to take aim, but I am prepared with a Plan B.

He takes out a large knife and charges at Helena, but unknown to him Anna took a small shortcut and yells “TONYY!” as she runs out RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! Then a scream is heard.


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