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Breaking News!!!!!!!



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Life in Salem Co-Head Writer leaves Soap!!

By: Jeremy Stallone

Jay Vanderburg, who joined Life in Salem earlier this year as Co- Head writer has left the SONBC Soap. Vanderburg worked closely with Life In Salem Head Writer/Executive producer Tara Smith to wrap up The War storyline focusing on the Dimera’s and the Cassadines. When asked about his exit, Vanderburg said “It has been my pleasure working with Tara. During my time at LIS, I learned a lot of things about history of the show that I never knew. I thank Tara for the opportunity to learn, and I wish her and the show the best.” When asked about what’s next for him, Jay commented “ I can’t say too much, you will definitely see me writing again, sooner rather then later.”

As for Tara, she also added "I loved working with Jay, he was a great addition for his time on Life in Salem and really helped out, especially with The War and that story would not be the same without him. I was dissappointed when he chose to leave the show, but we all have to go on. And there are no hard feelings between him and I, his leaving was just simply because he is moving on and I understand his decision. I am excited to see whatever he writes next, and LIS will continue on as it has. As for a new Co-EP/HW, right now its not in the cards, but you really never know, and if anyone is ever interested they can always contact me."


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