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Written by: Jay


-Lucas and Billie are still together. Lucas is crying, and Billie is consoling him. He thanks her and asks her if he did something dumb, does she think Mom would still love him. Billie asks him what he has in mind. Lucas angrily says “If my mom had to die, then someone else is dying too, at my hands!” Billie slaps Lucas HARD.

-Stefano sitting as this desk thinking about the encounter he just had with Helena. “Tony” walks in and Stefano looks at him in disgust. “Father, why haven’t you killed Helena?” “Tony” asks his father. “I…I…ca..nt do that Tony. All the wrong she has done, the pain, the grief, the restless nights, the deaths she’s caused…I love her still! “You damn fool, you weak old man, I’d call it. Shot, strained heart, and all, What the hell else do you want to happen to you?” “Tony” berates Stefano with his harsh words. “Tony!!! Get out of my palace if you plan to speak to me this way!! I do not want to hear this…” “You’re going to have to, or I’ll kill you.” “Tony” pulls out a gun on Stefano.

-Steve pulls Gina up and says “The police should be here any minute.” “Steve, I know that you don’t want to see me locked up…. Let me go, for old times sake” Steve looks at her with a sharp look. “Yo’rer crazy” he tells her “No, I am in love Steve, with –“ “Cut it!!” Steve says before the I.S.A arrives and apprehends her. As she is being taken away, she says to Steve” Remember what I said, Patchy” and she blows him a kiss.

*LIS Opening*

-“Lucas, don’t you ever say anything like that ever again. Our mother is dead, Will’s grandmother, Chelsea’s grandmother, GONE!, and you want to kill someone else, and take them away from their loved ones. You’ve got to get it together, brother. We have to be strong.” Billie exclaims “Your right,” Lucas says. I’ll go find Sami and let her know what happened.” “I’m sure she would be glad to see you”, Billie says.

-“Tony what the hell are you doing?!” Stefano asks. “You won’t shoot me. You haven’t the strength. You are weak, just like your brother EJ and your sister Lexie who I thought would prove me wrong and not be like you 2 cowards.” “Your right, father…Tony is weak and he would not kill you, but you see I am not Tony, and I will shoot you like you deserve to be shot!” “Tony” tells him!

-Steve is reminiscing on some good times with Gina. He can’t help but think about what she said about him not wanting to see her go. Steve asks himself, “ Am I insane? She was right, I don’t want to see her go” Steve for a moment considers helping Gina when he hears footsteps. “Steve…” Kayla says. “Britta!” Steve shouts out causing Kayla to want to know what the hell is going on.


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