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Written by: Daysfan


-Sami finally breaks EJ’s cuffs off and motions for him to follow her out a back entrance, and he does. Then she begins to lead him off to a small inn close to the warehouse.

-Lexie tells Abe they have to go after them but Abe manages to hold her back from running off and tells her they can’t just yet and first they need to get Nikolas’s body out of the palace, and Lexie angrily tells Abe to just forget about him, but then she sighs and says he’s right. Lexie however vows that she isn’t done with Helena and Stefano yet!

-Gina looks to Steve as they run onto the rooftop, and she pulls a gun on him. She tells Steve she loves him and Bo like everything, they are her men, but to get what she wants she is not afraid to shoot. Steve asks Gina in a loud tone what the hell she does want, and Gina says she just wants to get rid of Hope and Kayla! Kayla meanwhile is on the phone with Bo and Bo tells Kayla he’ll be right there! Back on the rooftop Gina tells Steve she still loves him and Bo and wants them back, that’s why she is after Hope and killed Shawn Douglas, to hurt Hope and drive her away from Bo!

-Stefano says he should have known she would be here, and Helena slowly stands and says “I think you did know, but you don’t care.” and she slowly walks over towards him. Stefano tells her he does not plan on attacking her again…today. He has seen enough bloodshed for now. Helena says coldly “Ah yes, murdering my grandson must have satisfied your daily need for death.” and she snorts as she continues on to say that’s why him and Mikkos met in the first place, to team up and cause havoc and crime.

*Life in Salem Opening*

-Lucas stares down at Kate’s motionless body, slowly soothing his shaky hand over her hair softly in complete silence. No emotion is on his face, not even in his eyes. Billie is walking out from the alleyway beside the DiMera palace, and her eyes widen when she sees Kate’s body and she screams “MOM!” and rushes over. Lucas is still silent, and Billie tries to look for any signs of her breathing but doesn’t. She slowly acknowledges to herself as tears begin to stream down her cheeks that she’s dead…

-Sami leads EJ to a bedroom and says he can rest here until everyone leaves Italy, and its all paid for by her and no one even knows about it. EJ comments that this is awfully gracious of her and he wouldn’t expect this from a Brady, and she says she’s not just any Brady, she’s Sami Brady. He tells her that’s what he loves about her and she says “Oh is it?” as they suddenly lean in closer to each other and stare into each other’s eyes.

-Steve tells Gina with slight disgust in his voice that she’s lost her mind, and she shouts:


Steve then tells her he knew Britta Englund, a woman who at one time didn’t murder or scheme every single day. He doesn’t know this Britta who is pretending to be a slutty princess named Gina and blows innocent people up in cars. He tells her he was already upset with what she turned into twenty one years ago, but now he is beyond horrified.

-Stefano says he remembers, and that was an unwise move of him to team up with Mikkos. He tells Helena her family has proved to be weak, a question he asked her husband almost thirty years ago. Helena then has a flashback:

In the DiMera palace sometime in 1978, a young Helena, Stefano, and Mikkos(Chazz Palminteri) are walking through the foyer after just introducing themselves to each other. Many butlers, Cassadine and DiMera guards, stroll around but the trio continue walking.

“I trust the DiMera Empire would be of efficient use if we decide to forge this alliance?” Mikkos asks Stefano as he looks at him

“I could ask the same thing about your empire. However yes I assure you it is and has been for almost a century, going back through my father, grandfather, and other ancestors.” Stefano replies

Mikkos laughs and tells Stefano “The Cassadine Empire is one of the strongest underworld Empires on this Earth, Mr.DiMera. It will be life changing for this whole world. In fact I am working on a project now that will effect people world-wide.”

“Then I suppose we can attempt to make a deal of some kind…but let me warn you now if your Empire makes any kind of move against the DiMeras I will retaliate and war will be declared. Now however, please introduce me to your lady friend, eh?” Stefano says and looks at Helena

Mikkos smiles and says “Ah, this is my wife, Helena Cassadine…”

Stefano takes Helena’s hand and plants a soft kiss on it and says “It is an honor to meet you…I am sure you have a strong hand in the Cassadine Empire, which means you are by no means no ordinary housewife.”

Helena smirks and says “Oh not at all, and I will prove it as time goes on, Mr.DiMera.”

-Kate’s body is wheeled away after Billie and Lucas are given a moment with her, and Billie slowly puts her arms around her younger brother and he is still silent. Billie sobs and both of them shake, and Lucas finally speaks saying quietly “Why…” and then he stops but continues on and says “Why does everyone in our lives have to die, go to jail, or somehow be forced out of our lives for good?” and Billie replies that no one can answer that, but it has to stop and they have to make it stop.

-Gina tells Steve all she’s ever tried to do is help him and Bo and do whatever she has to do for the people she loves and Steve says that’s bull. He tells her she may love them but she’s gotten so twisted over the years with all her schemes. She says she did it all for THEM! She screams that she barely survived that gunshot and no one even knew she survived, and she asks him if he really thinks she wanted Hope Williams’ face?! She replies quickly by saying no but continues to say that she knew she had to do it to get her men back, and she had to make a connection with Stefano DiMera and fake being a princess to so many people using the DiMera power and make Roman think they had an affair for revenge on him and also that was all Stefano wanted in return. She then goes on to say she was presumed dead AGAIN after her scheme to look like Hope failed, and she just went off on her own.

-EJ slowly tells Sami she can stay with him if she prefers, and she exclaims “What?!” and EJ apologizes and says he just said it out of instinct, and Sami says she’s done jumping into bed with random men, and EJ says she is single however. Sami laughs and says she wonders for how long, and EJ slowly leans in closer to her and says he has been wondering the same. Both give in and share a KISS, and fall onto the bed together and continue to kiss passionately…

-Gina yells to Steve she didn’t WANT to kill Shawn Douglas, but it was a last effort. Steve yells:


Gina shakes and begins to tear up as she continues to claim she had to do it, and as she looks down for a moment Steve in anger charges at Gina and grabs her but she tries to elbow him and it ends up pushing them both to the rail of the rooftop, and Steve shouts to Gina its time for all of this to end and she can go off to a mental hospital! She tries to break free of his grasp but he squeezes tight on her, and she finally yells “JUST LET ME FALL DAMNIT!” and elbows him again but this time right in his stomach and he lets go for a moment and she stumbles over and FALLS OFF THE RAIL!

Steve at the very last minute suddenly jumps forward and grabs Gina’s hand and she hangs in mid-air, and all he simply says is:

Steve: I may hate you and despise you so often even before you “died” the first time, and most of all now, but I’d never let you fall.

Gina/Britta’s eyes lock with her former lover’s.

-Helena says frustrated if only she and Mikkos knew how truly weak and despicable he was at the time. Stefano yells for Helena to NEVER speak of his family that way, and they are much stronger than her family who have lost their family members by the day, and she says he can talk now but he will burn in fire one day…and the Phoenix will NOT rise again, and it will be one day soon. As she begins to walk out of the secret room, she looks back and says “The War is far from over, Stefano my darling. You have not seen the worst yet.” and leaves, and as Stefano sits where Helena was sitting he looks at a picture of him, Mikkos, and Helena on the desk and says “Neither have you, my dear. Neither have you…”

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Very sharp episode with great dialogue. It moved from scene to scene very well. I love the Billie/Lucas scenes with Kate and how they dealt with their grief. Sami and EJ made me smile, which is a rarity with me. Great line, "I'm not any Brady, I'm Sami Brady" Loved it.

I like seeing the background of the Cassadine/DiMera war and hope you continue to delve into it. Great episode

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