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Endgame- Episode 97
Monday, October 22, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

Lucas stands in front of Carly and Luke. "Is someone going to tell me what's going on? Lucky called me and told me to come down here that Mom was here. She's ok, isn't she?"

Carly's gaze quickly flies to Luke's. Carly tells Lucas that they need to tell him something, but now wasn't the time or place. Angry, Lucas said he wants to know what is going on right now. The door to the interrogation room opens and Noah walks out "Noah, will you tell me what is going on? Why is my mother being held here?" Lucas demanded of his stepfather. "No one is telling me anything."

Noah walks over to Lucas and leads him over to the interrogation room. He tells Lucas to remember that whatever his mother tells him, that she loves him very much. Noah opens the door and confused, Lucas walks in. He sees Bobbie sitting there, crying softly.
Luke paces back and forth waiting for Mac to return to his station. When Mac enters the room, Luke runs towards him and begins asking him for a favor.

"Come on Scorpio. I need you to go easy on Barbara Jean. She didn't know what she was doing. She needs help." Luke says, attempting to appeal to Mac's goodness. "Bobbie wouldn't hurt a fly, let alone kill a man."

Mac slams down the file he's been keeping on the Brandon Wexler case. "Had you come to me sooner, I might have been able to do something. But instead, you chose to cover it up from the beginning!"

"I didn't even…" Luke grabs Mac's arm and pulls him into one of the hallways. "I didn't even find out until recently. I immediately spun into big brother mode and did what I have always done, that is protect my little sister! I'm beginning you man, please don't go through with this."

"That's not Mac's call," says a voice from behind the door. "That's mine." Alexis walks out soon after and calls Luke & Mac into the observation room. "Bobbie's in a hell of a lot of trouble."

"Natasha my dear, I didn't know you were going to handle this case." Luke forces a half smile. He knows Alexis hates it when he calls her by her birth name, but can't help it. "Tell me you'll go easy on her."

Alexis pushes her glasses back onto her face and begins looking at the case notes. "I can't promise you anything Luke. I'll do what I can legally, but we must remember there are victims in this." Alexis asks Luke to leave the room so she and Mac can observe Lucas speaking with Bobbie.
Lucas sits down, asking her what is going on. Taking a deep breath, Bobbie says, "Lucas, I'm sorry for hurting you so much over the last several months. You are my son and I love you very much. I don't always show it but I am very proud of you." She stops and looks all around the room, everywhere except at Lucas' confused eyes. Frustrated, he asks her again, what is going on? She reaches across the table and grasps his hands, "Lucas the night of the frat party, the night that Brandon was killed," Lucas tries to interrupt but Bobbie holds up her hand, "Oh God Lucas. I swear I didn't know this at the time but I know it now. This is why I am here. I was the one driving the car. I was the one that killed Brandon." Bobbie then flashes back to the accident

As Brandon steps off the curb, Bobbie's car seemingly out of nowhere. Noah calls out to Brandon. He turned around only to be blinded by the bright lights of the oncoming car…. all Noah could do is watch in horror as Bobbie's car struck down Brandon. The impact of Brandon, startled Bobbie and the tires squealed as she stopped the car. She looked back in the rear view mirror, not coherent enough to realize what had happened.

Lucas jumps to his feet, sending the chair flying to the floor. "What? How long have you known? Is this why you took off?" Bobbie starts to sob uncontrollably and Lucas slaps his hands down on the table, "Answer me!"

Bobbie tries to control herself and stop crying. She starts to tell him how that night she had been drinking and when Georgie came over and told her about the frat party, she became upset. She got in the car and all she could think about was wanting to talk to him. She was close to the frat house and didn't see Brandon in the road until it was too late. She stopped, but didn't really know what had happened. Soon after the accident, the memories started coming back. How she got home, she really wasn't sure. She was drunk and that was no excuse. She begs Lucas for his forgiveness.

"Forgiveness? You want my forgiveness!" Lucas starts to pace the room, raking his hands through his hair and kicking the chair across the room in anger. "Does Noah and Carly know that you are a murderer?" His anger filled eyes train on his mother. "Wait a minute, Noah had to have known. That's how you probably got home and why you two got married, so he can't testify against you!"

Bobbie shook her head and whispered, "Carly doesn't know. At least, she didn't. She might now, but I didn't tell her. I swear to you, Carly didn't know."

Lucas glares at his mother as he flashes back to the immediate aftermath of Brandon's accident.

Lucas ran out to Brandon's lifeless body in the middle of the street, the others came running out after, only to see the red tail lights of the car that sped away. Lucas knelt down next to Brandon, as the tears began to fall from his eyes. He did not know why, but all he could say to Brandon was "I'm sorry" as he held Brandon's head in his lap.

"That's about the only thing I can believe, because I know that Carly wouldn't lie to me, unlike you who is ashamed of me and has been ever since you found out I was gay!" Lucas leans close to Bobbie's face and when he speaks, his voice is filled with rage.

"I want to make myself very clear to you. I never….ever want to see you again. Don't you ever try to call me or get in touch with me. If I hear your name, it will mean nothing to me. I want nothing to do with you ever again. Do you understand me?"

Lucas stands up and walks to the door, looking at his mother with hatred in his eyes, "I hope they lock you up and throw away the key."
Alexis turns to Mac and tells him to prepare the tape for evidence. They have their confession. Alexis and Mac walk out of the room and see Luke. Alexis shakes her head and tells Luke she'll do all she can, but this is not going to be cut and dry. Luke asks what the most Bobbie can get. Alexis tells him she can't answer that right now.

Bobbie is brought out in handcuffs. Carly walks up to Lucas and puts her hand on his shoulder. Bobbie mouths I love you to her family as she's led away. Lucas hugs Carly tightly as the scene fades to black.
Next…on Port Charles
- Lucy rejects Kevin's dinner invitation
- David and Kevin almost come to blows over Lucy
- Alan's condition changes


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Wow, that was kind of spiteful on Lucas's part. I mean yeah your mother killed the love of your life, but she is still your mother, lol. Great Episode.

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You'll see things play out Scotty. If you want to know why we did what we did, PM us a question to answer in our new Q&A feature :D

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:o Oh my gosh....I can't believe Lucas did that, but at the same time mabye he did have a slight right to...but still he was filled with such anger....it was written really well.

You guys have really been intriguing me lately...alot, your scenes are always so great I can almost feel it happening if that makes sense.

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Very good episode. The dialogue was tight. Kept everything moving on in a nice flow. Lucas is sounding a bit selfish, but it may come back to get him down the road. I'll be reading to see hoiw this all lays out.

Very well written, and very well done.

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