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CONFESSION - PCE: Episode 96



Endgame- Episode 96
Sunday, October 21, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler
Tishy Smith
Jennifer Snyder

Bobbie sits in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Across from her is Mac who listened without saying a word as she recounted the events leading up to the night of Brandon's death. When she finished, he asks if Noah had any involvement and Bobbie looks away, not answering. Knowing that she doesn't have to incriminate her husband, Mac then asks her why she was coming forward now. She replies that it was the right thing to do. She needs help to stop drinking. She asks Mac if he would please call her family. Mac tells her Lucky made some calls and Noah was on his way. Mac stands up, saying he needs to type up her confession and he would send in Noah in when he arrives.
Alexis is shown working at her desk when someone knocks on her door. She gives permission to enter. The door opens and Sam enters the office. She looks around and comments on how nice her mother's office looks. Alexis gets up and walks over, asking if she can hug her. Sam reluctantly agrees and an awkward hug soon follows. Neither woman is quite comfortable around the either. Alexis offers Sam some coffee but she kindly turns her down. After a short silence, Alexis asks what brought her by.

Sam admits she was hoping she could spend a little time with her, seeing as how they have a lot of catching up to do. Alexis remarks about a good 27 years. Sam gives a half hearted laugh and agrees. Sam apologizes for her attitude over the past couple of months, it's just hard to see Alexis. She says she wants to feel like a family with her, but it's going to take some time. Sam says therapy with Lainey is helping her slowly regain some of her memory. She also says she's getting tons of support from Nikolas & Lucky. Alexis asks Sam how is it living with Carly. Sam admits it's a little tense. She knows Carly doesn't really care for her, and seems to resent the fact that she and Lucky are very nice to each other.

Alexis promises Sam that things will be better in due time, and not to worry about Carly. Sam looks at her watch and says she'll let Alexis get back to work. Alexis tell her she doesn't have to go, but Sam says she should be on her way to therapy anyway. Before she leaves, she asks if Alexis could stop over some time…just to say hi. This is has been something Alexis has wanted for months. She happy says yes and asks if she can bring Kristina and Molly. Sam says she'd like that…

Sam closes the door. She walks over to the elevator and pushes the button. She takes out her phone and places a call to a Helena.

"It's done. I've told Alexis I'd like to get to know her better. If I can get her on my side, this could work to my advantage in the long run."

Back inside, Alexis gets a call from the PCPD. She's asked to head down to the station immediately.
Mac closes the door behind him as Noah, Carly and Luke storm into the PCPD. "Where is my wife Mac?" Noah looks around the PCPD in anger. Mac tells him to calm down, she's in the interrogation room. Carly demands to know on what charges she is being held on. Mac's gaze catches Luke's and holds it. Mac takes a deep breath and tells them that Bobbie has confessed to driving the car that killed Brandon Wexler.
After finding Lorenzo in the warehouse battered and bruised, Anna had only one suspect in mind. She approached the front door of the residence of Sonny Corinthos and was about to knock, but Max opened it up before she had the chance.

“Max ….” she greeted him.

“Commissioner …”

“I’d need to see Mr. Corinthos.” She insisted as she pushed her way past him.

“Um, Commissioner …” Max tried to stop her but he was met with a defensive move as Anna flipped him over and he landed on his backside.

Anna barged into the living room finding Sonny was sitting at his desk. Sonny startled by her presence and quickly got up from his seat. “Max!”

“I’m sorry sir, she got passed me.” Max replied when he got to his feet.

Anna smirked in Max’s direction before he turned to leave the two of them alone to discuss whatever it was she was there for.

“Commissioner … I assume you are here about the incident with Lorenzo that I heard about.”

“Wow news travels fast doesn’t?”

“What can I do for you?”

“I came here for answers. I know you know more about this incident then you let on, Mr. Corinthos. You and Lorenzo Alcazar have a long standing rivalry, it’s no secret.”

“If you say so.” Sonny shrugged off Anna’s questions.

“Not only do I say so, but the rap sheets for both of you tell the story. I didn’t have to look much farther than you to see a prime suspect for this assault on Lorenzo Alcazar.”

“Do you have a prime suspect for who killed my sister, Commissioner?”

Anna hesitated …

“No of course you don’t but I can tell you the bastard who did do it, Lorenzo Alcazar!”

“And you have proof he killed your sister?”

Sonny was silent, he had no proof, Alcazar doesn’t work like that. This business doesn’t work like that, there would be no proof of guilt. “I never said Lorenzo was stupid. Of course I don’t have proof he did it! I just know …”

“Ah I see. Well Sonny, I need proof that Lorenzo killed your sister in order to arrest him. That’s how the law works. And at the rate the two of you are going, you are either going to end up behind bars or 6 feet under. That is the outcome of this feud the two of you seem to have. And I will take great pleasure in either outcome.”

“Before I go, I’m sure you have an alibi for when Alcazar was assaulted?”

Sonny gave her some lame excuse as to where he was that morning, but he was sure she didn’t buy it. He was sure she’d be back again with more questions.

Anna started to leave the living room as Max opened the door for her and escorted her to the front door.

Max still rubbing his neck that felt bruised from Anna’s defensive move she made on him earlier.

“Yeah sorry about that Max. I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly.” Anna said as she stepped out onto the stoop.

“I’ll be alright …I’ve felt worse.” Max looked annoyed while Anna laughed under her breath at the thought of Max on the floor looking up at her after she flipped him over. “Let Mr. Corinthos know I will be back.”
Back at the PCPD…

Luke swore and Carly paled, "What are you talking about? Bobbie didn't kill Brandon. Did she?" Silence descends and Carly turns towards Luke and Noah, "Luke, tell me that this isn't true?"

Noah asks Mac if he could see Bobbie and Mac nods. Realization dawns on Carly as she drops into a chair. Starring daggers at Luke she snaps, "Oh my God, you knew about this didn't you? You knew what my mother did! You knew she killed the love of my brother's life and you hid it from us? How could you Luke?"

Luke replies that he won't answer her questions right now but Carly needs to know that as a Spencer, he will stop at nothing to protect Barbara Jean. Carly pushes back her mane of hair and sighs, "Luke, I'm so angry at you right now. You think that you always have the answers but this time you are just wrong. Right now, my main concern is Lucas. He has gone through so much, how can I tell him this?"

No one saw Lucas walk in, "Tell me what?"

Luke and Carly exchange glances. The camera zooms in on Lucas' face as he tries to figure out what's going on.
Next…on Port Charles
- Bobbie confesses what she did to Lucas
- Lucas disowns Bobbie
- Luke asks Mac & Alexis to go easy on his sister


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The Commish is going to get to the bottom of that, sooner or later.

And, why does old boy at the end have a look on his face? Can't he figure it out?

Is this a Frons Production?!

Sorry........just mad that the Rams suck balls.

Great episode.

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