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Endgame- Episode 95
Friday, October 19, 2007

Written by: Ryan Chandler & Tishy Smith

It had only been an hour since Bobbie had been back in Port Charles. If it were up to her, she would have been back sooner, but due to inclement weather and delays by the pilot, she couldn't leave as soon as she wanted. It's pouring outside, but that won't keep her from doing what she has to do.

First on her list is paying a visit to her little girl. Kneeling down, she kisses her fingers and trails then over the name Barbara Jean. A bouquet of flowers catches her attention, causing her to smile gently. She notices Tony still remembers to have flowers sent every week.

"Oh BJ, I miss you so much baby girl. I need your help." She stays with BJ for a long time talking quietly to her. She doesn't care that the rain is pouring on her, she needs to pour her heart out. She imagines what life would be life if BJ had lived, if a drunk driver didn't tragically cut her life short. She imagines watching BJ attending her first dance, going through her first heartbreak, graduating from high school and so on. Bobbie knows she should have known better, having lost her daughter by a drunk driver and she herself was guilty of the same crime. Standing up, she wipes away her tears and says goodbye to BJ.
Meanwhile, the camera shows an exterior shot of Wyndemere Castle where a pregnant Carly Corinthos is sleeping. The camera slowly pans up to her face, where she appears to be having an intense dream.

Carly is shown standing on the side of the road, looking at something happening ahead. She tries to make out what it is, but the more she tries to focus on the scene, the blurrier her vision becomes. She walks slowly towards what has caught her attention. She hears people calling out her name, telling her they love her, but she can't get to them. Suddenly, she appears at the hospital, watching someone being operated on. She turns to her right and tries to make out the faces staring through the window. 4 people, crying, afraid for the person inside on the operating table. Suddenly Carly appears inside the room with the doctors. They declare the person dead. Carly eases over to the table and removes the sheet…..the camera cuts to the horrified look on Carly's face and she wakes up screaming!

Nikolas wakes up and asks if she's alright. Carly tries to calm herself down and tells him to go back to sleep. He tells her he'll stay up with her until she goes back to sleep. Carly lies in Nikolas' arms and embraces his loving hold. She tries to shake her dream out of her head, but it's obviously disturbing her. It takes a very long time before Carly can fall asleep again.

Emily is shown sipping a cup of tea while looking at pictures of her family in the Quartermaine Study. She flips the pages of the photo album back and forth until she gets to a large picture of the immediate family. In the picture, taken shortly before Jason's accident, features Alan, Monica, AJ, Jason and herself together in the living room. Everyone looks so happy in the picture. She sighs to herself as she remembers the simpler, less complicated times.

The sound of the door to the study opening causes Emily to jump. AJ enters and tells Emily to calm down. When he notices what she's doing, he comments that they have something in common. They both like to look at old pictures of the family.

To say there was tension between Emily and AJ would be an understatement. Emily never forgave AJ for aligning himself with Faith Roscoe to kidnap Michael. To make matters worse, AJ faked his death and let poor Michael take the blame for it! At least that's what Emily thought. After AJ surprised the family last Christmas by showing up and revealing he wasn't dead, he explained everything. Saying that he only faked his death to end the pain he had caused…most of all to his son. He had no idea the doctor treating Jason & Michael would set poor Michael up.

Emily stares at the picture of their family and breaks down. She says it's not fair that their father is having to suffer. He's a great man and if ANYONE deserves to suffer it's Monica. AJ interrupts Emily and tells her she needs to let go of her anger. If it wasn't for Monica, Emily would have never become a part of the Quartermaine Family. He tells her that we're all human and we all make mistakes. Emily knows that more than anyone, given her past indiscretion with Nikolas while married to Zander.

AJ says everyone has been hurt by Monica's actions, but they can either dwell on them and make her suffer, or they can do what Alan would want them to do, and that's forgive her and try to move on. He tells her their father has spent years resenting AJ for causing Jason's accident, but eventually he has forgiven him.

Emily says that Alan is a better person than she is, because she can't forgive Monica. She's forgiven too many people for too many things in the past. Everything thinks just because they say sorry, St. Emily is going to forgive and forget. Emily declares she's tired of being people's doormat
Bobbie pulls her hair back under a baseball hat and secures a pair of large sunglasses on her nose. She pushes the door to the hospital open and keeps her head down, praying she doesn't run into anyone she knows. She goes to the ICU and stealthily slides her way in without being detected. Looking back and forth, she sees that no one is in Alan's room so she slips in. She sits down next to him and reaches for his hand. Quietly she offers up a prayer for Alan.

She then tells him that he has always been a wonderful man and she has always looked up to him. There is no one like him in the world. She knows in her heart that he will get better. She confesses her crimes to him and says she knows that he wouldn't judge him. That he would understand. Knowing that anyone could walk in at any moment, she stands up and kisses Alan's cheek. Now she is ready for her final destination.
Next…on Port Charles
- Bobbie turns herself in for her role in Brandon Wexler's murder
- Alexis is surprised when Sam pays her a visit
- Anna puts Sonny in his place

You've watched them fall in love. You've watched their love grow in spite of interference. Now...watch their love reach new heights with the creation of their miracle child.
Created by Ryan Chandler & d_alias


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Very nice scene with Bobbie. Her picturing what life would have been like with her lost child was very touching.

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