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Episode 73



March 30, 2006

Dusty, Meg, Jennifer, and Nick all decide that a hospital is not the place to unleash their emotions and decide to go to Al's, get a bite to eat, and settle everything there. At Al's, everything seems to have died down until Nick asks how the trip went. Jennifer learns from a gloating Meg that she and Dusty had to share a room together. Jennifer, through with the games, says she's going to be sick and leaves.

Maddie and Gwen arrive at Henry's house and talk about school briefly but then Gwen turns the subject to boys. Maddie says that he heart has really warmed up to Luke, but she doesn't want to look like a fool by admitting her feelings for him and then, for instance, he not return those same feelings. Gwen urges her to follow he heart and then proceeds to tell Maddie about her and Will never having time anymore. With Will about to start a new job balancing school, Gwen's neverending job, and also Will's dad in the hospital...they never have time for each other. Maddie tells Gwen that she should schedule a trip for the two of them to just get away and though Gwen initially shot the idea down..she really starts considering it.

Jessica and Curtis stop by the bank to get some money for gas, but learn that Ben cleaned out his entire savings account. Jessica calls Margo and asks if she can try to trace the money. Later, Margo informs a very disappointed Jessica that Ben transferred every penny he had...to the Children of Promise.

Roxie and Lisa get into a fight when Lisa says something about how Scott used her up for all she was worth. Roxie argues that though she never knew her father, she knows he wouldn't be that selfish. Just when thigns begin to look like they're going to turn physical, Bob returns with the test results and calmly tells Lisa to brace herself for the truth.


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