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Episode 72



March 29, 2006

Kim also reveals to Henry and Katie that Stephen wasn't happy with what they offered him at KATY and he came to her. She then tells the two that she not only tripled his previous salary but also made him lead anchor of the nightly news. Once Katie and Henry leave to lick their wounds, Kim congratulates herself on a job well done. Outside the station, Katie and Henry come down on themselves about being so naiive. Katie, however, is soon uplifted when she receives a call from Mike, who announces he's returning home. Curtis and Jessica rummage around the old building and find a brouchure announcing the new home for the Children Of Promise. The two set out to rescue Ben. Susan walks into the waiting area and says that Hal has asked for Emily. Andy ecnourages Emily to go on without him and he'll be in the same spot when she comes back. Once in Hal's room, emily breaks down at how frail Hal looks. Hal apologizes to Emily for scaring her and the two finally make well with one another about moving on. Hal gives Emily and Andy his blessing. Bob, Roxie, Nancy, and Lisa all arrive at the hospital to get a DNA test done on Roxie. Lisa provides Bob with an old comb of Scott's that she kept after all these years and then collects a hair sample from Roxie. While Bob goes to do the test, Nancy pulls Roxie to the side. Nancy tells Roxie that she believes her..but warns her that if she's scamming them all...she'll seriously regret it.

NOTICE: In honor of ATWT's 50th Anniversary and the two commemorative episodes that are airing on Friday, March 31st and Monday, April 3rd...The World of Oakdale will be pre-empted on those two days.

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Kim gets the best of Katie and Henry and Nancy pulls Roxie aside and gives her a warning. I love it!

Can't wait to see what Jess and Curtis find out at the new cult home.

Good going ,Dusty!

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