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Episode 71



March 28, 2006

Dusty and Nick try their best to keep the two women away from each other, but finally give up and a catfight ensues. After a spat of hair-pulling and clawing, Susan orders the women to calm down. Barbara goes to see Hal at the hospital. She's startled when James grabs her from behind and promises to go with her wherever she plans on going. Barbara just tells James that she's here visiting an old friend but he's soon enlightened when he hears two nurses talking about Hal's condition. Lisa and Nancy summon Roxie over to Bob and Kim's. Bob is introduced to Roxie and all four talk about whether Roxie's claims are true. Though Nancy maintains that Lisa should give Roxie the benefit of a doubt, Lisa informs Roxie that there is nothing she can say that will prove she is her granddaughter. However, Roxie soon gets the upper hand by asking if Bob will perform a blood test. Heath finds Maddie at Java and pleads with her to accept his love for her and come to terms with the fact that she still loves him. Maddie still tries to tell Heath there's nothing between them. Katie and Henry, after trying unsuccessfully to contact Stephen, contact Kim in hopes that she may have a contact at the station he used to work for and then they can track him down from there. They're shocked when Kim reveals that Stephen now works for her.

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Great developements,Dusty. I like the way things have been progressing. You also have been balancing the longtime characters with the younger characters while easing in you own characters. That is something that the real show could learn from you! Keep it up! :) Good job!

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