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Dec 2005 Edition - Part 2



Previously: Phillip overheard Belle admit to Shawn that she still loves him and often fantasizes that Shawn were Claire’s dad and that they were married… Jack’s death circulated across Salem, causing Lucas to cancel his business meeting with Carrie in LA. Carrie decides to come to Salem instead… Abbey lashes out at friends and family who believe Jack to be dead as Laura Horton returns home to soothe her grieving kin…

*note: Characters in green are here on a part-time or recurring basis

Monday Dec. 5:

(a new day in Salem)

-Kate and John arrive at Marlena’s penthouse to pick her up for Jack’s funeral. Marlena says she is not going which surprises and upsets John. Marlena claims not to remember Jack so she shouldn’t go. John stresses how close Jennifer and Marlena are and how the Hortons are close and long time friends. Even if Marlena cannot remember them she should be there to support Jennifer in her time of grief. Marlena agrees to ago which disappoints Alex.

-John and Marlena leave. Kate stays behind to talk to Alex. Kate is not going to Jack’s funeral because they did not have a good relationship and Kate demands to know what Alex is up to and what his real motive for being in Salem is. Alex feels threatened and kicks Kate out.

-Due to the rain storms in Salem, Carrie’s flight is rerouted to Chicago and she will be forced to miss Jack’s funeral.

-Attendees begin arriving at St. Lukes for the service. This includes: Alice, Mickey, Maggie, Jennifer, Laura, Abbey, Roman, Bo, Hope, Shawn-D, Mimi, Caroline, Shawn, Frankie, Max, Sami, Lucas, Austin, Will, John, Marlena, Lexie, Harold, Abe, Doug, Julie, Nicole, Victor, Patrick, Billie & Chelsea.

-As guests get settled, Caroline questions Nicole for attending and the two have a verbal spar. Max, who is sitting with Caroline and Shawn, wonders what is going on with these two.

-Abbey is dressed in red and this worries everyone. She does not seem to be digesting her father’s death at all. Abbey maintains that Jack won’t stay dead because he’s return in the past.

-Laura is pleased to see her dear friend Marlena but is shocked to learn what has happened to Marlena in recent months. Aside, Laura offers John her professional help.

-As the service begins, Hope reads a moving eulogy as Jennifer breaks down.

-Abbey looked around to the back of the Church and sees Jack standing there. Abbey stands up, screams at Jennifer to stop crying and announces to the whole Church that her dad isn’t dead and that he’s right there behind them. Everyone turns around…

Tuesday Dec 6:

-The commotion caused by Abbey’s outburst settles as no one else sees Jack standing at the back of the Church. Everyone fears Abbey is losing grip.

-Jennifer and Laura try and settle Abbey but Abbey won’t give up her conviction.

-Hope finishes her eulogy and then Lucas stands up to speak to Jennifer and the friends that Jack left behind. Lucas is ashamed that he hasn’t been a bigger part of his sister’s life but vows to change that, because it takes an incident like this to bring family together.

-Alice speaks next, humbled by Lucas’ words, and professes that “bringing family together” was Jack’s legacy. Jack loved his family and his purpose was to love and give and provide for them. Alice speaks about Tom and how, despite him being gone, his legacy lives on everyone in the Church, including Jennifer. Jack will do the same.

-The pallbearers (Bo, Frankie, Lucas, Patrick, John and Doug) take Jack’s casket to the cemetery for the burial as Abbey finally breaks down realizing her dad is gone.

-At the burial site (beside Jack’s brother, Steve), Jennifer shares a few words.

-As the grounds crew lower Jack’s coffin into the grave, Marlena has a sudden flashback of another funeral she’s attended in the past, but doesn’t know whose.

-As guests prepare to leave, everyone is sombre and their hearts break for Jennifer. Most people leave to head for the wake at Chez Rouge. In Bo, Hope, Chelsea and Billie’s car, Chelsea realizes she forgot her coat at the burial site and Bo agrees to return to get it.

-Bo gets out of the car and walks to the burial site and grabs the coat and heads to turn around when he realizes something very shocking: Jack’s grave is empty, his coffin is gone…

Wednesday Dec 7:

-Phillip returns to the hospital where Belle has been waiting for him all night. Claire is still in intensive care but the doctors say she’ll probably be ok and won’t need any invasive procedures preformed on her.

-Phillip agrees to stay with Belle and they’ll figure out the whole Shawn thing later.

-Kate shows up and sees the two together and vows not to tell Phillip anything just as Phillip sees Kate and asks what she wanted to talk to him about. Kate stalls.

-At the wake, Sami is upset with how little attention Lucas is showing her. Nicole claims it is classic Sami to demand all the attention, even at her friend’s funeral. Sami asks Nicole if she’s only there for the free drinks when Nicole reminds Sami Jack was her friend too. These two start to go at it when Maggie and Caroline show up to remind them to behave. Caroline grabs Nicole’s arm and asks if she has any decency. Caroline scuffs “of course you don’t” and walks away. Austin tries to calm Sami down and Nicole is upset about this.

-Max walks up to Nicole and asks what that was all about. She said it was none of her business and when Max says anything to do with his adopted mother is his business, Nicole is surprised.

-In Chicago, Carrie’s flight is finally read to take off as she wonders to herself if returning to Salem now is really a good idea?

-Marlena decides to leave early and John asks to take her home but Marlena is fine. John thanks her for coming to support Jennifer. As Marlena leaves, a man comes up behind her wearing black gloves and puts a rag to her mouth to muffle the screams. Marlena is abducted.

-Chelsea phones Kate, asking her to come to the wake for support but Kate says she needs to stand by Phillip right now. Chelsea is upset that Kate picked Phillip over her (that’s how she sees it) and pouts to Billie about it. Abbey overhears and asks Chelsea to think about someone other than her self, just for once.

-Bo pulls Hope aside and tells her that Jack’s coffin was gone. They discuss what to do next and agree not to let Jennifer know yet as Jennifer overhears and asks what they are talking about…

Thursday Dec 8th:

-As the wake begins to wear down, Max continues to grill Nicole about why Caroline hates Nicole so much. Nicole is evasive and flirty with the young Max and Max is equally as receptive to Nicole’s flirtations.

-Austin thinks it is best for Sami to go home after she makes yet another outburst about no one being there to love her. Afterall, Marlena didn’t even say goodbye. Roman agrees to take Sami home.

-Austin sees Harold Wentworth there, an old friend of Jack’s, and they strike up a conversation. Harold is there to support Jennifer but to also extend a job offer from her father. Austin thinks this isn’t an appropriate time for Jennifer to go back to work.

-Bo and Hope do not tell Jennifer what they are talking about as Jennifer goes to tend to Sami’s outburst. Bo tells Hope he’s got to leave to go investigate the disappearance of Jack’s coffin. Hope wants to go with him but that would raise too many suspicions.

-Lucas has a heart-to-heart with Abbey about her flare-up earlier today at the Church when Abbey still insists that Jack cannot die. Her rationale is that so many others in Salem have died and come back to life that death doesn’t really exist anymore. Lucas is very worried for Abbey’s mental state and goes to tell Laura about this.

-Roman offers to stay with Sami to calm down but she asks him to leave. Sami breaks down. Although she and Jack were not always close, he was her only friend. Jack was the only one to treat her with respect despite all the antics she’s pulled. Just then, when Sami is feeling her lowest, there is a knock at the door: It is Carrie.

Friday Dec 9th.

(after midnight & new day in Salem)

-Hope has waited up all night for Bo to return. He tells Hope that the cemetery had already filled in the grave by the time he got back and he’s asked for a court injunction to disturb the site. The only way for this to pass with Jennifer’s consent; they have to decide whether they should tell Jennifer or not.

-Nicole and Max leave the wake together, and thanks to many drinks and a hot spark between the two of them, Nicole seduces Max for a very steamy one-night-stand. Max leaves in the morning before Nicole wakes up.

-For the second night in a row, Sami’s spirits have been lifted by a surprise visitor. Last night, it was the late night arrival of her older sister Carrie. They spent the night fleshing out Sami’s insecurities and made a vow to repair their relationship. Now, in the light of day, Sami asks the burning question: where is Mike?

-Lexie has good news for Belle and Phillip: they can take Claire home tomorrow. They are thrilled but Phillip still worries that their marriage might be over.

-Marlena wakes up in an unfamiliar but locked room. She hammers on the walls demanding to be released. As she looks around, she finds an odd assortment of artefacts and trinkets in the well decorated but windowless room. She notices an embroiled pillow and when she picks it up she gets a prick, there was a needle in it. This makes her dizzy.

-At the police station, Tek receives another package but this time instead of pictures it is a video tape of him and Lexie together.

-Bo and Hope show up, determined not to get the courts involved and to dig up Jack’s grave themselves.

-Hope sees Tek in the A/V room and goes to ask for his help in covering for them when she opens the door and sees the video of him and Lexie on screen….

-Laura lets Abbey sleep in but Jennifer had the worst night sleep of her life. Her bed was so empty last night. Jennifer can’t imagine things getting any worse when Laura tells Jennifer that Abbey is losing grip with reality. Jennifer is stunned to hear this and thinks that maybe Abbey is still in shock when they hear Abbey scream upstairs. They run to here and find her in the bathroom with blood everywhere. Abbey is crying and has just shallowly slit her wrist….


Marlena is set free…. Phillip makes a life-changing decision…. Carrie meets Frankie…. Bo and Hope dig up more questions than answers….


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Great week!

I love where you are taking Abby. It gives the young character something meaty, but it will also allow you to revisit Laura's history. Good use of DAYS history, CSW!

Jack's missing body is very intriguing. Leave it to Bo and Hope to discover this, setting them on a new adventure they can carve into their board. I have always agreed that Bo and Hope's best stories are adventures. You're returning to that period.

It looks like you have some amazing ideas. I can start to see your stories branching out from the current storylines and I like it. Keep up the good work!

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