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December 2005 Edition - Part 3



Previously: Abbey has an outburst during Jack's funeral and later has a mental breakdown leader her to slit her wrists... After Jack's funeral, Marlena is abducted.... Carrie comes to Sami's aid in her time of need.... Nicole beds Max... and Bo and Hope hatch a plan to dig up Jack's grave to confirm whether if coffin is missing...

Monday Dec 12:

-Laura and Jennifer swiftly react to Abbey’s suicide attempt by tending to the wound (which was very shallow), disinfecting it and putting a crying and naked Abbey in the shower to try and calm her down. Laura has haunting memories of the times she’s lost grip.

-Jennifer, fully clothed, joins her daughter in the shower and sobs and she rocks Abbey back and forth. Laura believes they should call an ambulance and get Abbey looked at.

-Abbey is taken to hospital where it as agreed that her wounds are not life threatening but she is admitted for psychological care. Jennifer breaks down in her mother’s arms.

-Also at the hospital, Kate hovers around waiting to see Phillip again. Victor arrives to see Phillip as well and he can instantly tell that Kate is hiding something. He demands to know what but she is evasive.

-At the police station, Hope is stunned to see video evidence of Tek and Lexie having an affair. While Bo is making sure no one will be patrolling near the graveyard tonight, Hope shuts the door in the A/V closet and demands that Tek explain himself.

-After admitting to have a few encounters, Tek confesses that he has no idea who is blackmailing him or what purpose. They both wonder if Abe knows.

-Marlena is passed out asleep on the floor of the unfamiliar room when a man, dressed in black whose face is not revealed, replaces the pillow with the pin in it and wipes the small amount of blood off Marlena’s finger. Marlena starts to come to so the man leaves.

-Marlena wakes up, dizzy and confused, but instantly has a memory of this place and she says she’s out loud that she’s been there before.

-Shawn and Mimi spend the afternoon in bed but Mimi cannot get her mind off of Belle’s confession that she still loves Shawn. Shawn assures Mimi that his life with Belle is over and that nothing anyone can do or say can change that.

-Frankie leaves the pub with some food he intends to bring Jennifer, Abbey and Laura (unaware of their current crisis) when, upon leaving, he physically bumps into a woman and spills orange juice all over her. Frankie sheepishly apologizes and offers to clean up the mess, saying he’s got an “in” with the owners. They both walk inside when Caroline, behind the counter, is surprised to see her granddaughter Carrie there, with orange juice all over her sweater.

-Frankie is embarassed that he didn't recognize his adopted neice. Both of them laught at the mannor of their reunion.

-Outside of the pub, Austin is finishing a jog and thinks to himself he should grab a bite at the pub. He motions to enter the pub when he gets a phone call. Caroline tells Carrie she can go upstairs and find a new sweater and just as Carrie leaves, Austin enters the pub. Caroline does a double-take as she watches Carrie leave the room and Austin enter..

Tuesday Dec 13:

-At the hospital, Kate and Victor continue to bicker over the secret that Kate will not reveal when they both stop and spot Jennifer and Laura. Kate is shocked to see her old nemesis but her heart breaks for Jennifer, who just yesterday, buried her husband.

-Victor walks over to offer his condolences.

-Alex shows up at the hospital looking for Marlena. Kate spots him and takes this opportunity to question him about his motives but Alex brushes her off, determined to find Marlena. Kate phones John, to see if Marlena is with him and John is instantly worried when Kate tells him that Marlena seems to be no-where.

-John reluctantly phones Roman to see if Marlena is with him. She is not and Roman agrees to help John look. Roman heads to the Pub.

-John phones Marlena’s cell phone, which is seen ringing on the ground near St. Luke’s church where she was kidnapped after Jack’s funeral.

-At the Pub, Caroline asks Frankie to tend to the bar while she goes to check on Carrie. Austin is disappointed Caroline rushed off, feeling that there must be tension or awkwardness between them after the way things ended with Carrie and Sami years ago.

-Austin and Frankie talk about Jennifer and how she needs them to be there for her.

-Upstairs, Caroline tells Carrie that Austin is there in the pub. Carrie is stunned. She doesn’t want to see him and she doesn’t want him to know she’s back in town.

-Just then, Roman rushes in looking for Marlena and runs right past Carrie and Caroline, saying “hi ma, hi Carrie” and then he stops in his tracks and realizes his eldest daughter is home. Elated, Roman and Carrie share a pleasant but brief reunion when Roman tells them that Marlena might be missing.

-At the police station, Hope agrees to not to tell anyone about Tek’s affair after Tek promises he’ll break it off. Hope leaves the AV locker to find Bo looking for her. He tells her that tonight they are going to dig u Jack’s grave.

-With no one looking, Abbey gets up from her bed and sneaks off. She gets into the elevator and as it is closing she hears a man yell out to hold the elevator. It is Phillip. He gets in the elevator and realizes it is Abbey there. Phillip offers to take Abbey to see Claire.

-In Claire’s room, Phillip introduces Abbey to Claire. Abbey is calm and collected for a minute when tears start to run down her face. Then without warning, Abbey freaks out and breaks down, nearly pulling one of the cords coming form Claire’s machines.

-Upstairs, panic sets in when everyone realizes Abbey is missing and this is juxtaposed with Abbey’s breakdown in the paediatrics room…

Wednesday Dec 14:

-Chelsea is disappointed when Max won’t return her phone calls. Max, meanwhile, continues to remember his hot one-night-stand with Nicole.

-At the in Brady kitchen (above the pub), Carrie and Frankie meet normally and for the first time officially. They both discuss their returns to Salem and wonder if they can ever truly fit in with their family and love ones whose lives are so dramatic. Frankie agrees not to tell anyone else that she’s in Salem, at least not yet. Carrie excuses herself to go tend to Sami.

-Downstairs, Max arrives lets slip to Caroline that he saw Nicole last night. Caroline is furious and vows not to let Nicole ruin her adopted son’s life. Max wants to know the root behind Caroline’s hatred for Nicole when Grandpa Shawn announces that it is because Caroline still loves Victor, Nicole’s ex-husband.

-Caroline tries to deny it but Shawn won’t let her. He tells her that he’s always known the she loves them both but that she chose to stay with him.

-Max asks Caroline if she ever wonders what life would have been like if she chose Victor back then. She admits that she’s thankful for the many wonderful things that have happened as a direct result of her choice, including adopting Max and Frankie. Caroline believes in her heart that staying with Shawn produced stability for her children’s lives; Kayla might not have married Steve and had Stephanie-Kay; Kimberly might not have overcome her demons without her parents; John (thought to be Roman all those years ago) might never have stayed in Salem to meet Marlena on the pier and Belle might never have been born. Caroline loves her family and puts them family first, always.

-Max suggests that they have a full family Christmas, unlike one they’ve never had before. Shawn and Caroline agree to this.

-At Sami’s apartment, Carrie arrives with food from the pub. The sit and reminisce about their relationship. They both wish they could see Eric for the holidays or that Carrie could meet her brother Rex for the first time. The last time either of them got an email from Eric, he said he was backpacking through Asia as freelance photographer helping to rebuild Thailand after the tsunami. Sami continues to probe Carrie about what happened to Mike but Carrie says she’s not ready to talk about it but admits she’s not ready for another relationship, at least not for a long time. Sami asks if that means she’s over Austin as Carrie clams up…

-Marlena remembers being in this room during the time Tony has her hypnotized to think she was the Salem Stalker. Suddenly, the door opens from the outside and Marlena exits the room into a long, sterile corridor with no other doors, except for one at the end of the hall. Marlena makes a mad run to that door and it is unlocked and she’s outside, in the woods. Elsewhere, someone is watching Marlena run away over a video feed…

-At the hospital, Phillip tries to restrain Abbey before she hurts herself or baby Claire. The doctors show up and sedate Abbey and take her away, but not before Abbey eerily screams out inaudible crying but Phillip does hear what sounded like “…we’re not living... dad… you were alive… you can…. come back…” (looking at Phillip)

-At first Phillip dismissed Abbey’s confusing rants and but something she said rang true… “I’m not living” he thought. Flashing back to his time in Iraq and the maturity he’s developed since being a spoiler brat in high school, he realizes he’s earned this gift that is Claire and to live without Belle’s selfishness and indecisiveness.

-Just then, Belle walks in and Phillip drops a bomb: “I’m leaving you. And I’m taking Claire with me”…

Thursday Dec 15:

(late-night in Salem)

-It is raining heavily outside as Bo and Hope sneak into the grave yard to illegally dig Jack’s recently filled grave. Bo and Hope begin digging Jack’s grave, which is situated next to his brother’s.

-Bo and Hope have to duck out of the way of a police car patrolling the area but the cop does not see them or the disturbed grave. Bo thought he had pulled enough strings earlier in the day to assure the no one would be patrolling this area. But that is the least of Bo’s worries.

-Bo and Hope reach the bottom of the grave; their suspicions were right: no coffin…

-Close by, Marlena is running for her life in the adjacent park screaming for anyone to help her. She trips a few times. Hope overhears a woman calling and leaves Bo so she can go investigate. Bo starts to fill in the grave when he accidentally drops the lantern in the hole. Bo climbs down to get it when he notices a very small opening or tunnel (the size of his first) between the two graves. Bo leans over to look in and notices that the grave next to Jack’s is also empty.

-Just then, someone above Bo grabs his shovel and knocks him over the head, causing him to collapse in the empty grave.

-Marlena sees Hope and runs towards her. Hope is shocked to find Marlena, still in her funeral outfit from two days ago. Marlena says she was abducted. Hope and her return to the grave site to find Bo unconscious…

-At the hospital, Abbey is restrained in her bed. This sight devastates Jennifer who has been trying to stay strong.

-Frankie shows up when he realizes that Jennifer wasn’t at her home, he’s there to comfort here. Laura decides to call Marlena, a fellow psychiatrist, to ask for help even though Laura knows Marlena doesn’t remember Abbey, Marlena still has her shrink training.

-Marlena’s phone rings and the camera shows it in the same room where the man had watched Marlena escape on a video screen. No one is in the room this time.

-Alex is there at the hospital so the doctors ask him to look at Abbey. He is very reluctant to take on a patient and he’s busily looking for Marlena but Laura and Jennifer’s pleas convince him.

-When asked why Laura doesn’t do it herself, Laura retreats knowing that Abbey might be developing the same disorder she once had to overcome all those years ago.

-Elsewhere in the Hospital, Belle is stunned with Phillip’s bombshell decision.

-Victor arrives and Phillip tells his father to call their lawyers and draw up annulment papers. Phillip leaves, as Belle falls to the floor devastated.

-Tek shows up at the hospital looking for Lexie, needing to tell her that someone knows about them. He learns she is one storey below he decides to take the stairs but trips on falls down the stairs. Tek lays motionless after his tumble…

Friday Dec 16th:

(very early morning and wake-up in Salem)

-Hope and Marlena pull Bo out of the grave and run get out of there, leaving the hole.

-Bo starts to come to and is surprised to see Marlena. Marlena tells him that she was abducted but wants to know why they were at Jack’s grave. Hope admits that Jack’s coffin is missing. Marlena is stunned.

-Marlena tells them about the pin prick she got from the pillow as they pull up to the ER.

-Lexie and other doctors attend to Bo’s head wound – which will leave a big bump both nothing more – but are baffled over what knocked Marlena out. There are no foreign toxins in her system.

-In all the commotion, Tek still lays motionless at the bottom of the stairs.

-Alex arrives, having just sedated Abbey, to tend to Marlena, who is happy to see him.

-John and Roman arrive (Kate, who was still there lurking like always) phoned them.

-When they learn Marlena was kidnapped John instantly accuses Alex, but Alex was here at the hospital looking for Marlena.

-As the sun starts to come up, Bo and Hope realized they left Jack’s grave unfilled and someone is going to notice. They have to tell Jennifer.

-Jennifer, meanwhile, hovers outside of Abbey’s padded room. Abbey is inside sleeping. –Jennifer has another emotional breakdown as the events of the past few days (burring Jack and Abbey’s suicide attempt and Abbey nearly hurting baby Claire) take their toll…

-Jennifer breaks down in Laura’s arms and Laura vows to stay and protect Jennifer and Abbey and steer them through this disaster. Laura’s been down that path before and she knows the way out.

-Elsewhere, Salemites begin to wake up. Patrick is waking up next to Billie; Caroline wakes up to open the pub before Shawn gets out of bed; Mimi and Shawn-D remain in bed after their alarm for a morning snuggle; and Belle wakes up in the chair next to Claire to find Phillip standing there, reading to take Claire home without Belle…

-Lexie can’t believe how crazy the night was just as she discovered Tek laying at the bottom of the staircase…

-In Marlena’s room, all three of her ex-husbands are standing over her. Suddenly, as if waking from a dream, Marlena receives a sudden rush of memories. One-by-one, Marlena remembers her weddings to Roman and John. She remembers Sami & Eric’s birth, Belle’s birth, the time in Mexico when she delivered Cassie and Rex… all of it. Here memories are all back as she looks up at Alex with an angry look….

Next week:

Maggie, Doug, Alice, Abe and other stalker victims receive an eerie early Christmas present…. Marlena chooses a man…. Abbey takes a turn for the better…. And, the Brady Brood gather to celebrate Christmas in a time of great family turmoil…


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Great Week!

My only comment is that you have Carrie and Frankie meeting for the "first time". Are you aware that Frankie is Carrie's adoptive uncle? Frankie and Carrie know each other from the time Frankie was adopted into the Brady family. Carrie had a crush on him back then. I just want to make sure you are aware of taht.

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I was aware that Frankie is Carrie's uncle but I thought they were never on the show at the same time. My intention with their meeting was to show how there are so many family members (like Carrie and Rex) who have never bet each other... I didn't realize that they had met and she once had a crush on him.

Thanks for letting me... I'll go back and edit it to clarify first meeting in along time. I'm not planning to link them romantically so no worries there ;)

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man this is sooooooooo much better then any other soap on tv now. it is really good i like it all. i really like that u have phillip wanting to leave. is it for real??????

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man this is sooooooooo much better then any other soap on tv now. it is really good i like it all. i really like that u have phillip wanting to leave. is it for real??????

Phillip is committed to leaving Belle and taking Claire with him. He realizes that he's a war hero and a an heir to a pretty important dyansty. He doesn't have to put up with Belle's indecisions and her dramatic bullshit. Finding that the she doesn't love him put him on the edge but seeing Abbey and hearing her go crazy struck a cord. Phillip isn't living the life that he can be or that he should be living. He is a powerful, arrogant and potentially influential young man. But he loves his daughter and likes himself as a father. So he'll walk his own path now and abandon Belle. If Belle loved him then he wouldn't leave, but she doesn't and he's not going to stick around and tend to her just for the sake of Claire. Claire will have a great life as a Kiriakis.

But wait until he tells his mother this, who is the only one who knows that Phillip has no legal right to take Claire away from his mother. Phillip isn't Claire's daddy...

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far. I'm trying to show what motivates the characters. For a long time the show has been in a state of lethargy and the characters just act complacent. Jack's funeral will act as the spark the ignites the fire in many of the characters - Lucas, Sami, Phillip, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Laura, Jennifer, Carrie, etc... so that they're not just walking pods anymore.

I'm also trying to resolve something has bugged me for years. The Brady family has grown in so many split directions each time a new writer comes on board and they've never once awknowledged just how big the family has gotten. Carrie's return and Caroline's feelings for Victor will act as focal point for the re-orientation of the Brady clan.

I've also dropped a few hints/clues as to where the stories are going. So here's a big spoiler for you: the two main stories - Marlena's kidnapping/memory return and the disapearence of Jack's coffin will eventually converge into the same storyline that will rock the foundations of nearly everyone in Salem. Have any idea where this is headed?

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no but i will constantly be thinking about ti lol. u said u are writing for the brady's. are the horton's going to be a big part in your fanfic? like maybe alices other kids ? now i dont want u to spoil me but i was wondering if you'll ever mention tommy jr.?

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