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Dec 2005 Edition - Part 4




-After a shocking run-in with Abbey, Phillip realizes life is too short to play second fiddle in Belle’s heart and shocked Belle with his decision to leave her and take Claire with him…. Bo and Hope dig up Jack’s grave but things get messy when Hope discovers Marlena running through a nearby forest and Bo is knocked-out after discovering a hollow grave next to Jack’s; both are rushed to hospital where Marlena gets all her memories back… Tek falls down a flight of stairs… Abbey’s mental health continues to deteriorate…

* NOTE * Characters in RED denote recurring and GREEN denote special guest stars

Monday Dec 19:

-Lexie finds Tek unconscious and rushes him into an ER bed. Tek’s head injuries are tremendous and it is unlikely that he’ll wake up soon, or even at all. (Tek is dropped from contract).

-Bo, who is at the hospital undergoing tests after being knocked out by a shovel to the head, finds out about Tek and immediately launches an investigation. Lexie is beside herself.

-Hope is there to comfort Lexie, and she admits to Lexie that she knows about the affair. Hope is convinced that someone got to Tek and tripped him or pushed him down the stairs.

-In side Marlena’s hospital room, John, Roman and Alex look on as Marlena’s memories come back. Marlena is overwhelmed. She looks up to Alex, crying, asking him how he could pressure her to make a decision so quickly now knowing the kind of love she had for her other ex’s.

-John is thrilled with Marlena’s turn around on Alex and he offers to throw him out. Marlena is opposed to it.

-Marlena says she wants to be alone. Marlena goes to the chapel to pray, for the first time, for her unborn child who died before she got amnesia.

-Bo and Hope focus on the Tek incident.

-Abbey is calm now so Jennifer uses this opportunity to get some sleep in Lexie’s office. Jennifer dreams of Jack and of the time they shared.

-Away from the hospital, Abe is shocked to learn of Tek’s accident. Abe goes to the hospital to find Lexie.

-Frankie arrives at the hospital and learns that Jennifer is sleeping in Lexie’s office. He goes there to wake her but cannot bring himself to interrupt. Frankie looks on longingly.

-Inside the chapel, Marlena is alone crying when a man walks up behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders. At first she is jumpy, having just been abducted, but when she turns around the tears fill her eyes when she sees the man she hoped would come to her first. She and John embrace in huge kiss as tears stroll down both their faces.

Tuesday Dec. 20th

(special John and Marlena solo episode)

-episode is entirely dedicated to John and Marlena in the chapel discussing their love and the events that led them to this place. Details include Marlena’s apology for being with Roman, for being rushed by Alex and for not instantly loving John. John dismisses all of those and says he never stopped believing Marlena would find their love despite her memory loss. They talk about Alex, Roman and Kate. John admits to falling for Kate in a time of loneliness and shared grief but their relationship is strictly that of friendship since Marlena came back. They discuss how Roman has not moved on since the miscarriage but he will. John asks Marlena is she remembers Alex from her past and she says she does but that the memories are hazy. She hates how he forced her to make a decision so rapidly but she does feel strongly for him. They talk about needing to remarry but Marlena first wants to know who kidnapped her. She remembers the pillow and its similarities to the one at Stephano’s will-reading. They suspect Tony is behind it despite being in jail. They deduce that the pin prick obviously lead to her memories returning and that she had been in that room before (during the stalker brainwashing). But most of all, they confirm their love for each other and embrace knowing that they’ve survived and will continue to survive the epic trials they will face in the future…

Wednesday Dec 21st:

(new Day in Salem).

-John and Marlena wake up happy in the Penthouse. Alex arrives to claim his things and he and Marlena share a heart-to-heart. Alex reminds her that they are married still and Marlena tells him she loves John and will seek a divorce.

-Alex is hurt and leaves. He vows to stop this from happening.

-At the hospital, Abbey’s spirits are much higher and her manic state has disappeared. Jennifer and Laura are pleased. Abbey acknowledges Jack’s death for the first time and begs that they go visit his grave.

-Bo and Abe discuss the Tek case and it appears to be clear of any tampering or foul play.

-Tek is committed to long term care.

-Hope consoles Lexie who is shaken to the bone over Tek’s accident and fears that she has to come forward to Abe about “the truth”. Abe walks in and asks “about what truth?”

-Carrie stops by the pub to see her grandparents. They discuss plans for this year’s Christmas surprise. Cassie is there to help make decorations. Carrie meets Cassie for the first time and they get acquainted.

-There is a knock on the door and when Caroline answers it there are only two wrapped presents one with her name and the other with Cassie’s

-Elsewhere, a similar present is left outside Abe and Jack’s houses while Maggie, Doug, Roman, and Alice open their doors throughout the day to discover similar boxes with their respective names on it.

-At the pub, Cassie opens hers despite Caroline’s cautious words to discover it is a book written about the Salem Stalker. Other stalker victims are shocked to receive this present and are very shaken up by it.

-Belle arrives at home to find most of Phillip’s things have been packed up or moved out already by movers he hired for an overnight move. Belle is particularly shocked to see most of Claire’s things boxed up as well. Phillip comes down the stairs with Claire in his arms. Belle begs Phillip not to leave…

-The doctors agree to let Jennifer take Abbey to see the grave. As they are preparing to leave the hospital they run into Bo and Hope. Bo tells Jennifer that there is something she has to know about….

Thursday Dec 22nd

-Max is out at Salem place doing some last minute shopping when he runs into Nicole. Max is excited to see the older woman whom he recently bedded and tries to convince Nicole, using some of his best material, they should meet up again. Nicole laughs him off and says “in your dreams”. Max is determined to be with Nicole again when Chelsea shows up….

-Elsewhere, Doug is furious that he’s received a published book detailing the events of his “death” and calls other victims to find out if they’ve received the same book. He discusses with Maggie and Mickey that the publisher should be sued. The publisher of the book is Marion Industries.

-Lucas goes to visit Alice to discuss Jennifer. Alice is happy her grandson has stopped by. Lucas sees the book and asks her is she’s upset about it. Alice reminds him that she doesn’t get upset over the holidays but that she’ll be sure to get to the bottom of things in the new year. Lucas agrees to help Alice get out the decorations and put up the tree in preparation for the annual tradition.

-Kate show sup at Phillip and Belle’s. Belle pleads with Kate to ask Phillip to reconsider but Phillip won’t listen to either of them. John and Marlena arrive to find a devastated Belle. John tries to reason with Phillip but Phillip won’t listen. John vows to stop at nothing to protect his granddaughter, even if it means taking him and Victor on.

-Marlena comforts Belle who is falling apart. Kate watches, knowing that if she reveals to anyone that Phillip isn’t Claire’s father then Phillip wouldn’t have any paternal rights to take Claire away from his mother.

-At the Brady house, Sami & Will, Roman and Shawn-D arrive separately to help Cassie, Carrie and Caroline put together this year’s Christmas event. Sami is upset over everything that has happened but working together with Carrie to bake treats and relax and enjoy family over the holidays is exactly what she needed.

-Bo and Hope explain to Jennifer that they dug up Jack’s grave site. The Devereaux women are stunned. Hope then explains that Jack’s coffin was missing, as Bo suspected, which causes Abbey to tailspin, going off into a violent rant about her father not being dead. Nurses try to calm Abbey and take her back to her room, leaving Jennifer to lash out at Bo and Hope for what they’ve done…

Friday Dec 23rd:

(end of day and new day: Christmas eve)

-Phillip tells Belle that he is committed to leaving but won’t file for custody or take Claire away until after Christmas. Phillip and Kate leave Claire with Marlena, John and Belle. They all return to the penthouse for the night.

-Jennifer cannot believe Bo and Hope would disturb Jack’s grave. Frankie has arrived and is the voice to calm Jennifer down who then begins to question what happened to her Jack. Where can he be? Jennifer begins to think he might still be alive. Frankie knows this is impossible.

-Lexie and Abe go home and she does not tell him about her affair.

-Nicole is ready to turn it in for the night when Max knocks on her door with some missile-toe to celebrate the clock striking Christmas Eve. Nicole lets him in as they kick off another night of very hot sex.

-The next morning, Salemites awake to a blanket of snow covering the city.

-Belle can’t believe she might lose Claire but John assures her they will fight this and win and to focus on spending Christmas with Claire. John tells them that Caroline has invited them for Christmas dinner tomorrow.

-Over at Alice’s, Mickey, Maggie, Doug, Julie, and Laura are shocked to arrive and find that Lucas and Alice have put up all the decorations, save for the trimming of the tree. Lucas and Will arrive with treats and are followed shortly afterwards by Bo and Hope and sons. Laura doesn’t want to have to stay away from the Hospital for long and is upset that Jennifer and Abbey are going to miss this year’s Christmas ornament hanging ceremony.

-As everyone settles in for some quality family time, Mimi shows up and is unsure if she should be there but everyone welcomes her as Shawn’s guest. He pulls her aside and kisses her under the missile-toe and wishes her a Merry Christmas, saying that is one of the best gifts he can offer: an invitation from his entire family to spend Christmas with them. Mimi is touched and they start making-out, and Hope looks on concerned yet happy for Shawn.

-Mickey brings out the box of ornaments and asks Shawn to promise not to sit on them this year. Shawn rebuts by making sure that Bonnie’s extra large ornament not be hung this year. Mimi smacks him and everyone laughs. Julie makes a comment about who wears the pants in that couple.

-More light hearted Horton time continues when there is a knock at the door. Mickey answers it and is delighted to find Mike and Bill standing there, arms full of gifts.

-Mike and Bill come in and field of questions about being stuck in Israel and being out of communication because of recent terror activities in the region. They regret not being there for Jack’s funeral but are thankful they are there now. They look around and are stunned that Jennifer isn’t there.

-All the Hortons in attendance hang their special ornaments, with the exception of Jack, Jennifer, Abbey, Laura and Bill’s…. as the Hortons hang their tree, the camera juxtaposes images of Jennifer rocking Abbey in her hospital room, stroking her hair and crying with her that everything will be ok.

-As this is happening, Lucas, Mike, Bill & Laura show up with a mini Christmas tree and surprise Jennifer and Abbey with their ornaments. Together, this family hangs their ornaments with Jack’s closest to the angel on top…

Next time:

Christmas day is at the Brady’s brings up special memories, surprise guest stars and an emotional revelation that will leave one couple broken up in the New Year… Carrie comes to face-to-face with the two men in her past… Alex finds an unlikely ally in his bid to keep Marlena in his life…


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yaya u added cassie that is a good way to keep me readin lol. other then of course the awesomeness of this fanfic. cant wait to see umm. read which brady(s) are comin back

also u said u are writing for the brady's. are the horton's going to be a big part in your fanfic? like maybe alices other kids ? now i dont want u to spoil me but i was wondering if you'll ever mention tommy jr.?

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yaya u added cassie that is a good way to keep me readin lol. other then of course the awesomeness of this fanfic. cant wait to see umm. read which brady(s) are comin back

also u said u are writing for the brady's. are the horton's going to be a big part in your fanfic? like maybe alices other kids ? now i dont want u to spoil me but i was wondering if you'll ever mention tommy jr.?

At this point in what I have planned, there is really no room for more of Alice's children, except for special occations that I don't yet know of. But the beauty of a fanfic is you can bring back characters without contracts/coming/goings getting in the way, lol. But I should clarify, I'm not "writing for the Bradys" only. I'm writing for them all but I'm focusing some of my story at repairing the Brady's who I believe have fallen out of touch with their family roots. As the show has progressed, Caroline and Shawn's kids have had kids who are now starting to have kids. The funny thing, these kids all close to the same age because they've been "aged" by different writers at different times.

So Sami, Eric, Carrie, Cassie and Rex all share the same dad. Do they all know each other? Nope. Shawn-D doesn't know all his first cousins either. Has Roman ever shared a scene with his adopted brothers? Ever? I'm not sure. But even if they have, I'm going to spend some time re-orientating this family so they they actually know each other. So that they've spent time together. For instance, Cassie and Carrie getting to know each other, Caroline and Sami baking Christmas goodies... these are day-to-day things that family members do when they are home for the holidays but not going on with their personal lives. Since it is the Christmas season, I will spend Christmas Day with the Bradys. Of course, this includes all the Bradys I can find (and some surprise guests from off canvas).

But as for Tommy Jr., he doesn't quite fit the direction of the show and his too far removed from the current cast. You should be excited that Bill is back for a brief appearance (I'd have him played by Kale Browne, ex Sam OLTL ex Michael, AW). Bill will make more appearances next week as he tries to comfort Jennifer and shares a scene with Lucas.

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i do like whrere you are going with. and for some reason i really ant tommy jr mentioned but i can understand if you cant fit him in. keep up the good work

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