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Dec 2005 Edition - Part 1



December 2005 Edition – Part 1

*note - Characters in RED denote first appearance.

Recap: The events of my fanfiction begin as if I were taking over the reign as headwriter of DAYS as of Dec 1, 2005. All the events that happen on screen in reality after that have no effect on my version of events. Here is a brief recap of what happened before I start deviating into the direction I plan to take the show:

-Marlena tells John that she chooses Alex, leaving John stunned and ready to fight for his wife

-Lucas is ready to head to LA to meet the CEO of a new company Titan is interested in buying; Austin’s company is also interested in this company.

-Jack’s car flew off the bridge in an ice storm as Frankie, Jennifer, Abbey, Billie, Bo, Patrick and Hope watch rescue workers try and save Jack in the freezing water.

-Jack drowns.

-Kate learns that Shawn is Claire’s father, not Phillip, just as Shawn and Mimi have made a commitment to start a meaningful relationship.

Now, my version of what happens in the first weeks of December, mainly focusing on Jack’s funeral and the built up to it:

Thursday Dec 1:

-News of Jack’s death flies across Salem and reaches Lucas on his blackberry just as he’s about to board his flight to LA. Knowing that his sister, Jennifer, needs him at a time like this, Lucas promptly leaves the Airport and heads to the Devereaux household to comfort his sister.

-Hope, Billie and Julie all try and settle Jennifer, who is in shock. Secretly, Billie wonders if Jack’s death was an accident or self-inflicted.

-Others rush to Jennifer’s house, including Maggie, Mickey, Doug, Lucas, Austin, Patrick, Chelsea, Frankie, Bo and Lexie. Overwhelmed by the attention and the shock, Jennifer breaks down and asks everyone to leave her and Abbey alone. Mickey stays behind while Maggie and Hope promise to call family and arrange the funeral.

-Bo asks Chelsea to come with him and Hope for the night but Chelsea wants to stay with Abbey, claiming she knows the pain of losing a father. Bo reaches out to Chelsea and says she has a father now and Chelsea reluctantly agrees to stay at Bo and Hope’s.

-Lucas shares a tender moment with his niece, Abbey, before he leaves but he promises to come back tomorrow. Outside, Lucas accuses Austin of budding his head into matters that don’t concern him but Austin remembers being close friends with Jennifer the last time Jack left (early 90s) and claims that he wants to be there to support her again.

-Lucas arrives home to find Sami sitting outside his apartment door. He is not in the mood for her antics but is struck by how upset Sami is. Jack was Sami’s only friend and Sami breaks down. Lucas invites her in and she cries on his shoulder and in his arms on the cough as they both fall asleep.

-At the police station, Tek receives a suspicious package with photos of him and Lexie having an affair. He hides this package and investigates to see who dropped it off but no one knows who delivered it or what it came from. Tek gets nervous.

-At the hospital, Claire’s vitals return to normal but she will still need to under go tests and a possible blood transfusion but the doctors are reluctant to go there unless that absolutely have too.

-Mimi and Shawn have arrived to support their friends when it becomes obvious that Belle draws her strength from Shawn and not Phillip. Shawn, however, doesn’t want to be there and is forced to tell a crushed Belle that he’s moved on. Mimi and Phillip overhear this and are both stunned when Belle admits she is still in love with Shawn and often fantasizes about the life they would share if Claire was theirs. Phillip is heartbroken to hear this but Belle gets the shock of her life when Shawn says that he would never want that and that he has moved on.

Friday Dec 2nd:

(a new day in Salem)

-The next morning, Hope tells Maggie that she couldn’t get a hold of Mike or Bill but that Laura is already on her way home.

-Lucas asks Sami to leave the apartment and regrets having spent the night with her. To take his mind off his conflicted feelings for Sami, Lucas phones to speak with the woman he planned to meet in LA to cancel their meeting but is shocked when he learns that the CEO is on her way to Salem. He learns the woman’s name.

-In LA, we see the woman CEO boarding a plane for Salem, it is Carrie Brady (played by Christie Clarke).

-Lucas is surprised that Carrie was his contact in LA and even more confused that she’s not in Israel with his half-brother, Mike. Lucas tries to call Mike but he cannot reach him. He figures that Mike is already on his way home for the funeral with Carrie.

-At Jennifer’s house, family and friends have gathered to assist in the preparations as much as possible. Sami shows up and Jennifer accuses Sami of making this whole thing about her. Sami is tempted to lash out, but Julie and Austin calm her and escort her home. Sami feels that she has no one she can turn to since her mother won’t even return her calls.

-Marlena wakes up in the Penthouse to find Alex on the phone arranging a Christmas trip. Marlena probes Alex about where he’s going and he says it will be a surprise.

-Marlena receives another phone call from Sami but doesn’t want to deal with her “needy” daughter right now and doesn’t pick up. Alex is happy Marlena is tuning out her former life.

-At the hospital, Phillip questions Belle about her feelings for him and she cannot deny any more that she has strong feelings for Shawn and for Phillip. Phillip said he can’t take this any longer and once Claire gets better Belle has to make a choice or he will make one for her. He leaves Belle alone, crying.

-Phillip goes to Alice’s, but it isn’t open for business yet. Bonnie lets him in anyway and they talk she opens the bar. Bonnie’s advice only makes Phillip more upset which makes Bonnie happy, as she thinks to herself that the more upset a rich boy is the more money he’ll spend on drinks and mechanical bull. Bonnie is disappointed when Phillip leaves after only one drink and no tip.

-On the way home, Phillip receives a call from Kate, who says they have to talk. Kate hangs up and says out-loud that Phillip can never know he’s not Claire’s dad.

-Lexie shows up to sedate Jennifer and Abbey who are acting irratically towards their friends and family.

-Before Abbey is sedated, she gets hysterical and rants about her father not being dead. She says “he’s died before and always come back” and reminds Maggie, Hope and Doug everyone else in the room that half of their family has died in the past and come back to life. Abbey is convinced this will happen again.

-Abbey calms down and she and Jennifer go upstairs and fall sleep in the same bed. Downstairs, Horton family members discuss Abbey’s fragile state when Laura arrives from the airport (played by Jamie Lynn Bauer).

-Laura goes upstairs and climbs into bed with Abbey and Jennifer and strokes her daughter’s hair as they rest.

Preview of Next week’s episodes:

All 5 days will be outlined. Jack’s funeral takes place with some shocking outcomes; Nicole seduces a Brady man; Alex begins to lose his grip on Marlena; Abbey’s reaction to Jack’s death stuns everyone; someone very unexpected comes to Sami’s aid in her time of need.


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