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Tuesday, July 17, 2007



Our Days in Salem Episode #14 – Tuesday, July 17, 2007

At the Brady Pub…

Benjy asks Kayla why he should believe she and Steve are helping him after what he’s done. Kayla tells him that they will always love him like a son, no matter what Stefano makes him do to try and hurt them. Benjy flinches when Kayla places her hand on his, pulling back. Benjy doesn’t believe a word she says. He knows something isn’t right.

Steve arrives at Basic Black and sees his sister, just off the phone from Justin. He wonders what she’s doing here. “Well, big brother, it just so happens that I’m sticking around town for a while, and this is my operation.” He congratulates Adrienne, but wonders about John. She explains that he wants to focus on his life while he still can, and help with the DiMera investigation, so he needed someone he can trust. Steve wonders about “the Roberts broad” and Adrienne says that after the TV station scandal, he doesn’t trust Kate.


Kate isn’t taking this sitting down. She’s outraged that she was overlooked. John assures her that she still has a job. She reminds him that she kept the company above ground while he played detective and can’t believe he’s going to let one mistake influence his decision. He tells her that a little mistake would be one thing, but the damage her one mistake caused gave him just cause to not give her that much power again.

This causes Kate to storm out of the office.

Billie stands in the doorway at Sami and Lucas’ apartment. “Well, little brother, are you going to invite me in?” He does so, and wonders what she’s doing here. She has the results of her sweep.

Sami comes out and is surprised to see Billie. Lucas explained that he asks his ex-cop sister to investigate the safe-house. There are too many horror stories of people putting their trust in a public service only for there to be spies from the enemy right under their nose. Billie tells them about Benjy Hawk being found, presumably as a spy.

“I’m not understanding this. The guy’s deaf and a mute. Why would the DiMeras send him to keep watch?”

Kayla tells Benjy that this trust issue goes both ways. Steve and she are only being cautious. He’s sure there’s something she won’t tell him, and as long as there are secrets, he’s not going to tell them anything. They can promise protection to the sky’s limit and he won’t believe them unless they’re straight with him.

Kayla tries to reason with him, saying that she has nothing to hide and neither does Steve. Benjy tells her that her word simply isn’t good enough anymore.

“Speak of the she-devil,” Steve remarks as Kate exits John’s office at blank speed. Adrienne asks why he’s here. He says he’s got DiMera business to discuss with Mr. B. Adrienne tells him his timing could have been a little more perfect. He apologizes, saying that he can’t help it if is timeline doesn’t mesh with hers. She tries to stop him from going in, but can’t.

“Steve?” John cocks an eyebrow. “What are you doing here?”

“Look, Dude, I know there’s some weird blood between us right now, but there’s something you need to know.”

Kate is waiting for the elevator. When it opens, Anna appears. Kate is nothing short of unpleasant to the fashionista, wondering why she shouldn’t call security for trespassing. Anna announces that she’s here to meet about a deal with her company to bring her clothing line back to the U.S. under a larger corporation. “If I’m not wanted here, Ms. Roberts, I’ll gladly do my sell to other companies.”

“Lucky for you, that’s not my call. Excuse me.” Kate steps onto the elevator, leaving Anna to wonder what she’s getting herself into.

“You remember the Benjy Hawk kid that me and Kayla were planning to adopt?” Steve asks John.

“Yeah. You don’t usually forget the kid’s you’ve hurt. I hear he’s not such a kid anymore.”

“No, in fact, his little boy is a spitting image. Anyway, he was found at what was going to be Lucas and Sami’s safe-house.” John tells Steve he was there, but wonders what’s being done both with the kid and with finding a new safe haven for Sami and Lucas. Steve explains Roman’s little plan to use Benjy to get to the other DiMeras. “What about Sami and Lucas?” Steve tells John that Roman wouldn’t discuss it with him. “Understandable,” John points out, saying he’ll have to call his people to see if they can’t forge a deal between the ISA and the police again. If they want to protect Sami from the DiMeras, they need to have the right arsenal.

Billie sees Sami’s point, but explains that’s why there’s an investigation going on. Sami admits that the thought that there could be someone on Stefano’s payroll in the Salem PD is rather daunting. Lucas wonders if getting the ISA involved might make her feel any safer.

Sami asks Billie if she can look into it. Billie says she’s way ahead of her. John was with her when they discovered Benjy. She points out that the game is getting complicated, and that Sami and Lucas may have to put on a bit of a performance if things get much worse. Lucas asks what she means, and tells him that the only way to beat the DiMeras is to play their game. She knows if any two people were up for a little deception it’s these two.

Lucas assures Billie that everything has changed, but Billie maintains that they’re still capable of pulling it off. She tells them to keep that in mind. Meanwhile, she has other business to attend to. She kisses Lucas on the cheek and heads out, wishing them luck.

Steve tells John that’s all well and good, but breaking Benjy is on top of the priority list right now. He could be just the break they need. John asks if he’s suggesting that he come face-to-face with Hawk, who could rightfully resent John for his time as Stefano’s mercenary when he was responsible for Benjy’s hearing loss. Steve tells him that they’re running out of options.

Next on…


-Maggie grills Chelsea
-Benjy is angered to see John
-Kayla attempts to teach Stephanie sign language
-Lexie meets Jett


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