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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



Our Days in Salem Episode #15 – Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Mickey and Maggie are taken aback by Nick’s pronouncement. They ask if he’s not happy here, but he tells them it’s not that it all. He’s just…growing up, and he thinks it’s time he tried to make it on his own. Maggie recalls the Willow debacle and doesn’t think he’s ready at all. Mickey tells Maggie that they need to let Nick make that decision, whether or not they think it’s the right one.

Nick tells them he’ll be back after his appointment. Maggie embraces him and sees him off. It’s clear she doesn’t like this, and intends to get to the bottom of Nick’s sudden urge to be out of her house!

Lexie is milling around by the nurse’s station, clutching a Styrofoam coffee cup, her hands shaking. Celeste arrives with Jett in tow.

“Oh! Mom, you scared me. What are you doing here?”

“I came here to check on you,” Celeste admits, and tries to get Lexie to open up about what happened with Stefano after she left. Lexie’s lips are sealed which worries her. Lexie notices Jett, and Celeste introduces them. Jett charms her, expectedly.

At the Brady Pub, Kayla is trying to teach Stephanie some simple sign language, to ease her communication with her would-be brother. Benjy sits alone to his thoughts, drinking some coffee.

Stephanie grows frustrated and gets up from the bar stool, starting towards the door. Benjy stands and grabs her arm. He mouths “patience”. Having been watching Kayla, he reiterated what Kayla was showing Stephanie. His sensitivity in using it everyday to communicate helps Stephanie to let it in.

The moment is ruined, of course, when Steve arrives, announcing he’s brought some friends. John and Billie come inside.

At Bo and Hope’s, Chelsea is picking up after Ciara, who is been put down for a nap. The doorbell rings. When Chelsea answers the door, Maggie is there. She wonders what she’s doing here. “Why don’t you tell me?” Maggie suggests, walking inside.

“This is about Nick, isn’t it?” Chelsea asks tentatively.

“Oh, what gave that away?” Maggie retorts, and Chelsea can see she’s a bit edgy. Chelsea wants Maggie to know that moving out was Nick’s decision. Maggie knew that the home wrecker was involved somehow. Chelsea is offended, but Maggie doesn’t back off, remind her that if not for Chelsea, the whole mess with Willow could have been avoided. She gave Willow all she needed to control their vulnerable Nick.

At the Pub, Benjy grows cold and sits down, back to everyone. John thinks being here isn’t a good idea. Kayla wonders what’s going on, explaining to Steve that Benjy’s already suspicious. Steve says time isn’t on their side. They had to raise the stakes.

Benjy gets up and in all of their faces. He signs angrily, knowing that they’re talking about him and letting them all know that he refuses to talk to them. Steve asks him whom he will talk to. Benjy turns away and Steve doesn’t relent. All he is able to get out of Benjy is him signing “Tarot”.

Back at the hospital, Jett asks about Abe. Lexie explains that he’s in recovery now. It’s taking a lot longer than expected, but he’s accepting the transplant. Jett thinks that’s wonderful.

Celeste feels that she is needed elsewhere. Lexie wonders what she means. She’s not sure. It was just a feeling. Suddenly, at the nurse’s station, a nurse calls her name, saying that there’s a phone call for her. Taken aback, she takes the phone and Caroline’s voice sounds on the other end, telling her they need her at the Pub. When Celeste asks what’s going on, Caroline says Benjy asked for her. Celeste tells her she’ll be there.

Lexie asks her mother what this was about. Celeste tells her daughter that at last she’ll meet her good brother, Benjy. Lexie says she couldn’t possibly leave Abe right now. Jett says he’ll stay and let them know if there’s any change. Lexie thanks him, and the two women rush off.

Chelsea admits that she made a mistake, but now she and Nick are finally getting onto the right foot and she wants everything to be perfect.

“And that can’t happen as long as he’s living with a guardian of sorts?” Maggie asks. Chelsea means no disrespect, but living with an older relative does sort of cramp your style, especially if you both do. A realization hits Maggie and she asks if this is about sex?

All Chelsea will say is that she and Nick need a chance to have time for themselves. Maggie takes it for what it is and comes to her own conclusions. She thanks Chelsea for her honesty and leaves. Chelsea wonders if she did the right thing.

Next on…


-Stefano recalls the early days of the feud
-Benjy confides in Celeste
-Kate presents Belle an offer
-Anna warns Adrienne


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Fine work.

I didn't know Stefanie and Benjy were brother and sister.

Maggie needs to realize that her house is not Southfork Ranch. Nick doesn't have to stay there until he's 60.

Fine, fine work, Keith.

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Great eppy, Keith!

Why are you writing Maggie as such a bitch? There's being protective over Nick, and there's this. That's the only part I really didn't like. She was being so mean towards Chelsea, when she's learned to love her as family over the past year, like everyone else.

Loved the Brady Pub scenes. I like how all of the focus is now back on Benjy. And "tarot?" I think Benjy wants his Mama Celeste. :lol: Can't wait for the Lexie/Benjy meeting.

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