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Thursday, July 19, 2007



Kendall OR Greenlee...  

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Our Days in Salem Episode #16 – Thursday, July 19, 2007

At Basic Black Adrienne is meeting with Anna, who informs her of Kate’s attitude. She knows that Basic Black wants her designs, but she doesn’t want to have to deal with such hostility. Adrienne assures her that she won’t need to.

Anna finds this reassuring, but is curious as to how she can promise this. Adrienne tells her that Kate won’t be attached to this project. Anna’s not so sure that will be enough.

Meanwhile, Kate shows up on the doorstep of the Kiriakis Mansion. Henderson welcomes her inside, treating as if she were still married to Victor.

Belle comes down the stairs with Claire, and Kate is glad to play doting grandmother for a moment. Belle allows it, even though Philip isn’t Claire’s biological kid and how Kate was involved in keeping the secret. Kate is glad Belle is there, because she wants to talk to her about Basic Black.

She admits that she’s getting restless now that things have begun to settle once again, but she tells Kate she couldn’t possibly take on anything full time right now. Kate says that she’ll arrange for something on her terms, if she’ll agree to come back.

At the Pub, Caroline greets Celeste and Lexie and takes them upstairs to see Benjy. Celeste introduces Lexie to her brother, telling her not to be too hasty. Benjy embraces Lexie like a brother should and asks Celeste not to treat him like a child, or an invalid. She apologizes, understanding that the DiMera ego remains intact. The mention of the name seems to frighten Benjy.

“Benjy, darling. They called me here, because of you. Now, please, let me help you. What has you so frightened? What has your father, or Antony, or Elvis- what have they done to put you in this state.”

Crossing his heart, Benjy sighs and signs something to Celeste that makes her understand.

Stefano is looking through a photo album. In it, there are photographs of all of his children. He tears up at a photograph of Renée, reminded of the mistake her made with André. He continues a moment of mournful sadness as he looks over Megan, Kristen, and Peter. As he turns the page, the few children still relevant in his life are presented to him: Tony, Elvis, Benjy, and Lexie.

“What have I done to my own family,” Stefano wonders, shaking his head, and remembering Lexie’s harsh words. “Bo and Hope have yet to pay a price heavy enough by my hand to know what it meant for me to lose my dear Megan…” He glances at a photograph of Renée and grows angry. “I was such a fool then. My Tony loved you so, my darling Renée. My ego and agenda proved to be your end. You fell like a pawn off my chess board- my own daughter, and all because you knew I was alive. If only I had gotten to André before… oh, but what use is this thinking now? You are gone, gone now twenty-three years. Tony has never been the same. I could blame Daphne,” Stefano laughs at the memory of his common-law wife, “but she only did what she saw best. All part of the game. I tried so hard to replace you. I adopted children, I sired new ones, and for what, hmm? Peter is in prison. Kristen is dead. Antony is ever being investigated. Benjamin is terrified of me. Alexandra loathes me… and Elvis, well, he may not be trustworthy. Is this all that is left of my legacy? Where did I go so wrong!”

Next on…


-Billie recognizes Sonia
-Stefano reveals his latest deceit
-Anna checks in
-Belle accepts Kate’s offer

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Wow. Deep moment of reflection for the mighty Stefano.

But, I supsect that he will once again blame everyone else for what he has done. I truly enjoy the character study you are doing with him, Keith.

Keep this up, dude!

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