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Monday, July 16, 2007



Our Days in Salem Episode #13 – Monday, July 16, 2007

At the Brady Pub, Steve glances over at his daughter, over by the bar talking with his grandfather. He tells Kayla that Shawn was right about him all those years ago – he’s just not cut out to be a family man. Kayla tells him not to worry about Stephanie. He knows she’s right, giving his wife a knowing look.

Benjy wonders if they are talking about him. Steve whispers something to Kayla, kisses her and goes to leave. Kayla attempts to ease Benjy’s worry, but he feels that things haven’t been right ever since they bailed him out. Kayla tells him that things haven’t been right since he showed Steve that tarot card.

At their apartment, Sami and Lucas enjoy post-coital bliss in their bedroom. Sami tells her husband that it’s nice have him home with her all the time, but she worries about Mythic and the SEC. He tells her to just be glad EJ hasn’t come after him. She sighs, thanking him for ruining the mood.

He apologizes, and promises not to mention Wells anymore, but she reminds him that he’ll always be in their lives now, and there’s nothing they can do to change that. Lucas frowns, reassuring her that the kids will not be raised DiMera. Sami fears that none of the DiMeras will stop until these children are under their influence – and that’s if they survive the stem cell extraction that Stefano needs.

The doorbell rings. Lucas gets it. It’s Billie, who wonders if she’s interrupting something.

Maggie tells Mickey it’s wonderful to have him home from the office. He knows she must get lonely day in and day out with no one besides Nick around. “Bless his heart,” Maggie says, “but he does his own thing.”

Nick comes downstairs, avoiding their eyes. Mickey clears his throat, and wonders where he’s going, since it’s obviously not work. He mumbles something incoherent under his breath. Maggie tells him to sit down and tell them what he’s up to. He says he doesn’t have time; he has to go meet with the landlord of the apartment he bought for Willow Stark. Maggie wonders why he’d go and do a thing like that. He tells her that he’s moving out.

Kate storms in John’s office, where he is meeting with Adrienne. John introduces Kate to Adrienne as the new CEO of Basic Black, but Kate is cold- asking John for a moment privately. John tells her that whatever she wants to talk about, she can talk about in front of Adrienne.

Sensing trouble, Adrienne tells John that she wants to call Justin and talk about they’ve discussed. John and Kate watch her go. “All right, Katherine, You happy now? You have me all to yourself. Now what?”

Kate railroads John for coming in here after being absent for nearly a year and taking everything she did, all her hard work, and completely sidelining her. John appreciates where she’s coming from, but reminds her that her partnership with Austin and EJ fell apart at the seams. If John didn’t do something, the SEC would have eaten Austin, Carrie, Kate, and EJ alive – and only one of those prospects was attractive.

Kate accuses John of using his power to get back at EJ, without care of anything else. John insists that was nothing short of a happy coincidence.

Next on…


-Steve pays John a visit
-Sami and Lucas learn of the safe-house mishap
-Benjy refuses to talk
-Kate and Anna clash

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