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Episode 68



March 23, 2006

Margo returns with some devastating news for Jessica. The cult's leader, Owen, has been busted for fraud and attempted murder on more than one occasion but thanks to his pricey lawyer, the cases never seem to go through. Jessica demands Margo come with her to the cult and save Ben, but is shocked when Margo tells her no. Across town, Nick and Jennfier go to pick up Johnny from the siter's house. They talk about Meg and Dusty and Jennifer finally admits to Nick that she feels like she's holding onto something that's not even there anymore. Later, Nick finds Carly at her house and pleads with her to help him get Jennifer once and for all. Roxie returs to her suite at the Lakeview and finds a note on the door that this room has been vacated and she can pick up her luggage in the lobby. Brokenhearted, Roxie realizes that Lisa will probably never accept her and begins to gather her things in the lobby. As she looks back at Lisa talking to an employee...Tom appears and asks Roxie where she thinks she's going. Heath and Luke continue to fight, causing Maddie to cry. Katie and Henry come in and Henry automatically assumes by the fighting boys and the tearful Maddie that one of them hit her. He forces both boys out of the house and goes to grab Maddie some water. Katie asks Maddie if the two boys were fighting over her. Maddie becomes highly upset and runs to her room, leaving behind a very worried Henry and Katie.


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