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Episode 69



March 24, 2006

Barbara and James arrive at the courthouse with a very reluctant Paul in tow. Paul witnesses the ceremony and signs the license as a witness. James promises Paul that he will never forget this. Back at Paul's penthouse, Barbara manages to sneak off and begs Paul to do whatever his father tells him to do..unless he wants t speand the rest of his life behind bars. Carly tells Nick that she has problems of her own to worry about but tells Nick that Jennifer's heart will always belong to Dusty. Later, Nick meets up with Jennifer and automatically pulls her into a passionate kiss. Roxie tells Tom the same thing she told Lisa. Tom, though he doesn't believe her, promises to talk to Lisa. Nancy and Lisa arrive at the hospital to check on Hal. They both voice their opinions about Roxie. Lisa denies ever knowing that Scott had children and doubts that Roxie is telling the truth...but Nancy encourages Lisa to give Roxie the benefit of a doubt.


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