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Episode #174 - Thursday, May 31, 2007:

  • Billie, Austin, Carrie, Mike, Jennifer, Philip, Nicole, Jan, Peter, Alice, Melissa, Sarah, Jeremy, Bo, Hope, and Shawn look on into the hospital room as Sami, Will, and Kate say goodbye to Lucas, and he flatlines.
  • Roman accompanies Maggie to the station house. He books her. He asks her why she has done this. Maggie says she has no idea. Roman is so confused.
  • Lucas passes away.
  • Sami, Will, and Kate emerge from the room to see their families. John and Marlena arrive. Marlena embraces Sami. Austin comforts Will. Billie and Philip comfort Kate.
  • Sami tells Marlena she’ll never be able to get over this…Sami says Lucas was the love of her life. Peter looks perturbed.
  • Will breaks down in Austin’s arms. Austin and Carrie take Will out onto the hospital deck before he completely loses it. Once outside, they both comfort him and tell him to let it out. Carrie and Austin vow to be there for Will through anything.
  • Bo leaves the hospital and arrives at the station. Bo and Roman begin pressing Maggie to reveal why she has done this. She says she doesn’t know!
  • Stefano is angered when he learns the Salem P.D. has arrested Maggie.
  • Marlena and John help Sami grieve. Sami says Lucas told her not to let revenge and hate overcome her heart, but she says she wants Maggie to pay for this.
  • Maggie reveals she has been having blackouts. Maggie recalls falling off the wagon in December around the time of Jennifer’s “death” and Mickey’s heart attack. She says it is then she began blacking out.
  • Kate is inconsolable, but her children try to help her. Kate recounts many memories of Lucas as a child.
  • Greta and Eric arrive at the police station. Greta tells Bo and Roman she wants to see Maggie and ask her why she almost killed her! Roman and Bo tell her Maggie’s last victim was Lucas. Eric is shocked. He runs off to be with Sami.
  • Maggie confesses to Bo and Roman she didn’t even realize what she was doing until she stumbled upon the shrine in her attic that, she says, she must have constructed during her blackouts.
  • Eric joins Marlena and John in comforting Sami.
  • Georgia arrives to be with her cousin and best friend, Will.
  • Addie and Andy decide the hospital is not the place for them so they leave. Addie arrives back at her apartment to be face to face with…her parents - Eugene and Calliope! She reunites with him and gives them each a hug. She is so happy to see them.
  • Billie sees Jack and Jennifer. He is comforting her. She interrupts them. She sees the guilt on Jack’s face. Billie tells Jack there is no need to look guilty. Billie says she knows Jack’s heart lies with Jennifer…just like Bo’s was with Hope’s. Billie wishes Jack and Jen all the best and hopes her deep friendships with both of them will not be ruined by this.
  • Suddenly, Maggie’s eyes drop. She freaks out in her handcuffs and begins struggling. Bo and Roman do not know what the hell is going on. Maggie gains strength. She kicks Roman in the face and thrashes around the interrogation room. Bo is in shock.
  • Abby and Max go back to Abby’s. They recall what Laura has told them about Abby being able to put the pieces of her life together now that The Fury is caught and Jennifer is alive. Abby tells Max she doesn’t want to recover in Salem. Abby begs Max to take her far away from Salem.
  • Bo manages to get behind Maggie and knock her unconscious. Bo and Roman wonder what he hell is going on with Maggie. Bo and Roman ask each other…if the other thinks…Maggie could be…possessed just like Marlena was?


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