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Episode #173 - Wednesday, May 30th, 2007:

  • Billie calls Victor and Philip to tell them about Lucas.
  • Everyone in Salem reacts to the horrible news that Maggie is the Fury.
  • John and Marlena board a plane to return home.
  • Billie arrives at Kate’s room and sits her down. Kate panics.
  • Billie tells Kate there has been another Fury attack. Kate gets jumpy and asks Billie what has happened. Kate knows. She asks which of her children was hurt…Billie responds that it’s Lucas. Kate begins to cry. She asks how Lucas is. Billie shakes her head “no.” Kate breaks down. Billie comforts her.
  • Andy and Addie decide it may not be their place to be there anymore…so they decide to leave.
  • Billie and Kate arrive at the hospital where Alice, Jennifer, Mike, Sami, Will, Philip, Victor, Austin, Carrie, Melissa, Sarah, and Jeremy. Victor comforts Kate. Jan and Nicole enter, claiming they are family too…and they want to be here for Lucas.
  • Mike reveals to everyone that Lucas’ condition is not good…and he will die before the night is over. Sami and Kate’s cries are guttural and agonizing.
  • Roman arrives when he hears the news. He comforts his little girl as Sami breaks down in his arms.
  • Roman calls Marlena and informs her about what has happened. John and Marlena reveal they are already on their way home.
  • Mike is shocked to see Jan and Nicole there. He asks Billie what they meant when they said they wanted to be there for Lucas. Billie explains Jan’s mother, Megan, and Nicole were Kate’s firstborn children, her twins…with Stefano Dimera! Mike is pleasantly surprised. Billie is confused.
  • Sami opens up to Roman.
  • Will breaks down in Austin’s arms.
  • Mike asks Billie if she remembers when he said no one in her family was a match for her bone marrow donation and blood donation. Billie says she remembers, of course. Mike says he did not pull Jan and Nicole’s files because he had no idea they were related to Billie. Billie asks Mike if he thinks this can possibly cure her of her cancer.
  • Will, Kate, and Sami are in the room with Lucas when he comes to. Lucas shares a horribly touching goodbye with Will. He tells Will he has loved him from the first second he laid eyes on him. Lucas encourages Will to be himself, always…and tells Will he loves him no matter what. Will knows, of course, Lucas is referring to the fact that Will is gay. Will and Lucas touch foreheads. Will says he cannot live without Lucas in his life. Lucas says Will is strong…and he can live without him. Lucas tells Will he is so proud of him. Lucas begs Will to take care of his mother and grandmother. Will agrees. Will and Lucas kiss.
  • Lucas takes Kate’s hand. He thanks her for giving him life and always looking out for him. Lucas thanks her for doing whatever she had to do to raise him and keep him happy…even if it wasn’t true, in her mind, she was always doing what she thought was best, and that is all that matters. Kate tells him she cannot let him go. Lucas says his dying wish is that Kate and Sami bury the hatchet. Kate swears to Lucas her days of fighting with Sami are over.
  • Sami and Lucas join hands. Sami tells Lucas he is the love of her life and that she has lost so much time with him because of her lies and deception. He tells her that is all in the past and not to worry about it now. Sami begs Lucas not to leave her. He says, if he had a choice, then he wouldn’t be. Lucas tells Sami not to let hate and revenge take hold of her heart. Lucas declares his love for his Aunt Maggie and begs Sami not to hold a vendetta against her. Lucas urges Sami, Kate, and Will to forgive Maggie for what she has done. Sami tells Lucas she has never stopped loving him. She recalls how she has loved him since she was fifteen…and she’ll love him until she goes to heaven to be with him. Lucas responds he has loved her with every fiber of his being. He thanks Sami for giving him Will…and making his life worth living.
  • Lucas flatlines. The faces of Kate, Will, and Sami drop. They all begin to cry uncontrollably...but they come together to comfort one another. The rest of Salem watches through the glass...*FREEZE FRAME.*

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