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The Fall Out Continues!



Tuesday, Episode #172 - May 29th, 2007:

  • Bo calls for an ambulance.
  • Sami holds Lucas tight. Maggie backs away from the body as she looks on in horror. Shawn holds Jan to the side. Jan cries, wishing she had the strength to break free. Shawn comforts her.
  • Hope and Jennifer approach Maggie. Hope demands Maggie tell her what has happened here with a fierce attitude. Maggie confesses she killed Lucas. She is devastated. Hope grabs Maggie’s blouse and pins her against the wall. Hope shouts, asking why…why would Maggie do this. Maggie cries. Hope and Jennifer have tears in their eyes.
  • Will joins Sami on the floor as they shed tears for Lucas. Lucas breathes very shallowly. Sami urges Lucas not to speak. It is a devastating sight. Will removes his shirt and tries to stop the bleeding from Lucas’ wound.
  • Sami brings Lucas up to her face and touches him, cheek to cheek. His blood is smeared on her face. Peter tries to walk forward and take care of Sami, but Bo tells Peter to back off.
  • Bo handcuffs Jan and takes her to the car. Shawn asks Bo what the hell is going on. He says Maggie cannot actually be the Fury. Bo confirms that she is.
  • Jennifer and Hope tearfully ask their Aunt Maggie what the hell is going on. Maggie says she doesn’t know…she just remembers killing Lucas. Hope asks if she has killed the others. Maggie breaks down, confessing she’s done it.
  • The ambulance arrives and takes Will, Lucas, and Sami to the hospital.
  • Meanwhile, Greta moves her things out of Frankie’s apartment. While she is moving out, they overhear the news inform them Maggie Horton is being sought after for being the Fury. Greta cannot believe Maggie is the person who attacked her.
  • Austin and Carrie are watching the same broadcast and refuse to believe any of this is true.
  • Abby and Max arrive on the scene. Jennifer leaves Maggie and Hope to deal with Abby. Abby asks Jen why Maggie would do this, and Jen tells her she does not know.
  • Stefano is horrified when he realizes he is too late to take his lady love away.
  • Bo joins Hope in interrogating Maggie. She remains traumatized and confused. Bo asks Maggie if she is the one who attacked Mrs. H, Greta, Austin, and Carrie. Hope asks Maggie if she is the one who killed Rae, Megan, Cassie, Rex, Mimi, Connor, Vivian, Simone, and Annie. Bo asks Maggie she attacked his mother, Caroline. Maggie confesses it was all her.
  • Lucas is resuscitated in the ambulance. Sami clings to the hope that Lucas may live.
  • A devastated Sami and Will comfort each other as they stand by Lucas’ side in the ambulance…and later the hospital.
  • Melissa and Sarah interrupt Bo and Hope’s interrogation. Melissa clashes with her favorite cousin, Hope, and tells her to back off her mother. Hope grabs Maggie and demands to know why she’d ever hurt poor Alice!
  • Shawn, Jan, Jeremy, Abby, Max, and Jen try to piece everything together.
  • Jack and Billie both happen to be together when they hear on the news everything about Maggie. They rush to the scene. Laura does the same.
  • Jennifer is taken aback to see Billie and Jack arrive together.
  • Laura explains to Abby this might be the first step for her to start healing.
  • Mike Horton (now played by Matthew Fox) rushes to meet his nephew, Will, and Sami standing by Lucas’ stretcher. Sami begs Mike to do everything he can do to save his brother.
  • Billie is horrified to learn Lucas was Maggie’s latest victim. She realizes she needs to tell Philip, Victor, Austin…and Kate.
  • Maggie begs Bo to arrest her before she hurts anyone else. Sarah and Melissa ask their mother why she is doing this. Bo puts the handcuffs on Maggie and puts her very firmly into the police car.
  • Sami stays by Lucas’ side…praying for his recovery.
  • Mike receives test results...that show Lucas will die.

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