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Episode #171 - Monday, May 28th, 2007:

  • Maggie clutches Lucas tight and rocks back and forth, crying.
  • Will tells Sami he has a bad feeling about Lucas running off to find the Fury.
  • Jennifer and Shawn continue searching all over Salem for Maggie. Jennifer has a look of horror when she comes fact to face with her past - Peter Blake! Peter says Jennifer's name, softly. She tells him to get away. Sami puts herself in between Peter and Jennifer, and she asks Jen if she's seen Lucas. Jennifer says no, and Sami fills Jen in on how Lucas went off to find the Fury.
  • Sarah and Melissa run all over Salm trying to make sure Jan does not find Maggie before they do!
  • Jan holds her gun tight and vows to kill Maggie.
  • Abby and Max search for Maggie.
  • Bo, Hope, Addie, and Andy also search for Maggie, and they come face to face with Jennifer, Shawn, Sami, Will, and Peter.
  • Jennifer, Hope, and Bo exchange information. They learn Lucas has set off to confront the Fury by himself. Bo puts out an A.P.B. for Lucas. Sami demands to knwo what the hell is going on.
  • Sami hears from her uncle Bo that Lucas' Aunt Maggie is the killer. Sami does not believe it.
  • John and Marlena search all over Madrid for clues to Marlena's missing years.
  • Stefano's informant tells him they lost track of Maggie somewhere in centercity Salem.
  • Sarah stops Jan by flinging her around and shoving her. Sarah tells her she won't let Jan kill her mother! Jan pushes her back, and the two begin fighting. Melissa begs her cousin, Jeremy, not to let his girlfriend kill Maggie. A tearful Jeremy tells Melissa Maggie is a killer! Melissa acknowledges this, but she says there must be some explanation.
  • Bo and Hope have all of Salem shut down, making sure airports, bus stations, and all highways are shut down and no one can leave.
  • Alice makes a call to Marlena in Madrid and begs her to come home. Alice informs John and Marlena that Maggie is the Fury - the serial killer who has been stalking Salem!
  • Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Jen think it is best Will, Sami, and Peter stay behind so they leave them.
  • Will and Sami have a bad feeling about this all...so they decide to follow them!
  • Maggie mourns Lucas...she cannot believe what she has done to him. Lucas whispers with blood pouring out of his mouth..."Aunt Maggie...it's you."...he says through the pain. "I forgive you..." Maggie cries out desperately.
  • Bo, Hope, Shawn and Jen hear someone crying. They think it is coming from the alleyway.
  • Jan fights off Sarah. She knocks Sarah out. She heads for downtown Salem as she hears someone screaming and crying. She walks into the alleyway and comes face to face with her mother's murderer.
  • Jan points the gun at Maggie.
  • Melissa and Jeremy arrive upon Sarah who has been knocked out.
  • Marlena tells John they need to put off their mission to find out Marlena's missing years and return to be with the Horton's during this time. John understands. The two make plans to return to Salem.
  • Jan tells Maggie she is going to kill her for what she has done to her mother, Megan!
  • Bo, Hope, Jennifer, and Shawn stumble upon Jan holding the gun at Maggie. Shawn runs towards Jan and sweeps her up and out of the way, knocking the gun out of her hand. Jennifer sees Lucas, dying in Maggie's arms. She screams for her brother. Hope covers her mother in horror. Bo turns his head. He cannot believe what he sees.
  • Cunning Sami and Will, who have both followed Bo and Hope arrive at the alley. Will and Sami do not realize at first that Lucas is on the ground bleeding. Will screams out for his father. Sami runs towards Maggie and Lucas. Bo points the gun at Maggie to protect Sami. Maggie cries and lets Sami take him from her. Sami rocks Lucas in her arms and screams. Her screams are ultrasonic. She cries out for Lucas. She holds him in her arms. *FREEZE FRAME.*


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