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This just in! 'LOST' and 'Party of Five' star, Matthew Fox will be replacing Roark Critchlow as Dr. Michael "Mike" Horton effective immediately. "Mike was only supposed to be back for a few episodes concerning Lucas' death, but there is now a long-term storyline in place for Mike. And no, it does not involve Carrie or Austin. Some readers have been telling me they wanted Michael T. Weiss back in the role, but it's just too hard for me, as a writer, to write for an actor I've never seen on-screen or in the role."...says King.

"Fox is one of the most talented actors in primetime television right now. And his talent is only matched by his sexiness. He will bring Mike Horton to life marvelously, taking the character back to his sexy, brunette roots. I have no doubt Fox will be amazing in the role."

Fox will replace Roark immediately and begin airing on Monday, May 28th's episode, which is expected to be posted today, May 30th.

In other casting news..... Please vote!


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That is about the damn sexiest picture of Matthew Fox I have ever seen.

I love Michael T Weiss and wish he was playing Mike, however, I love how you go against everyone else's wishes even more. I can definately see Matthew as Mike and can't wait for the storyline

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