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Thank you to all SON-ers who voted in the casting poll! After 18 votes, Chad Michael Murray, Scott Speedman, and Milo Ventimiglia are the final three in the running to play the mysterious role of Aidan.

For the first time ever, the blog reveals details about the character of Aidan. “Aidan is going to change the course of Salem forever.”…King, writer and creator, says. “There have been a lot of MISSING YEARS storylines on DAYS in the past. Hope, John, Marlena, Steve…they’ve all gone down paths to find out things about their missing years only to find it tears them apart from their respective loved one. This time, John and Marlena will investigate her past…and it will lead to their reunion. John and Marlena have been having troubled times as of late. But Aidan is going to be one of the key elements that bring them back together.”

“While in Madrid, John and Marlena will encounter the mysterious Aidan who they eventually will discover is their long lost son. When Marlena disappeared in 1987, she was pregnant. She’ll slowly remember Stefano kidnapped her and stole her child. That would make Aidan slightly younger than Sami and Eric…and slightly older than Belle.”

“It would have been good to hold out and surprise the audience, but these are details that are needed in making the casting decision. Aidan, of course, will be a bad boy, but he’ll also have a sensitive side since he is the son of Marlena…and he’ll be a hero since he is the son of John.”

Fans will have until Saturday afternoon to vote! Vote here!


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I love that you have John/Marlena in frontburner storylines, and that you choose to resolve Marlenas missing years. You better write this plot good, or you will answer to me! :P

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