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Episode 55




Nick and Jennifer head over to the police station to see Paul before his arraignment. Hal comes by before going by the drugstore and finds the two there. While Jennifer has a heart to heart with her father about his health and how truly worried she was, Nick preps Paul that Jennifer just might be forgiving towards him.

Roxie tells the person on the phone that she has yet to tell Lisa, but knows that Lisa won't believe her. Lisa sneaks up behind her and demands to know what "she won't believe", but Roxie is able to cover.

Katie and Henry begin taking applications for TV news anchors. Katie declines Henry's idea that she be the lead anchor, but Henry is soon able to convince her that she jas just enough experience and the perfect personality to get the ball rolling on their news team.

Holden takes Jack out for a stroll and some coffee at Java. The two cousins soon find themselves reminiscing about their times together and Holden re-assures Jack that he will get over this. Jack breaks down, just as Margo arrives to tell Jack that Panzico has escaped.


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