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Episode 56




Andy and Emily decide to go out for lunch, but are in for a surprise when they get stuck in a snow bank. They finally are abe to start the car, but it won't budge due to the massive amount of snow that has accumulated on the car. Jessica tearfully pleads with Ben to re-think his petition for a divorce and tries to force him into remembering his love for her. After a heated argument, Jessica leaves and is more brokenhearted than ever. She pulls out her cell phone and vows to do whatever it takes to keep her man. Jennifer pulls her brother to the side bfore his arraignment and officially forgives him for making her think that Johnny was dead. She tells Paul that thanks to Dusty and Nick, she has realized that the longer she stays mad at Paul, the more bitter she will become. Paul apologizes one last time and is escorted to his arraignment. Barbara arrives at the arraignment after Paul has plead guilty and pleads with the judge to set bail, citing that her son's intentions have always been good. The judge reluctantly posts a $500,00 bail. Back at Paul's cell, Barbara becomes overwhelmed and furious that Paul is laying back and going along with his father's plan to ruin their family once and for all. She angrily shouts out that she is the one who shot James and she will not let him take the fall for this since she has all the evidence that the police need to formally charge her, just as Margo enters.


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