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Episode 51




Luke runs into Maddie and Heath at Java's. While Maddie goes inside to get coffee, Heath jumps all over Luke, claiming that he isn't going to let some rich, snobby brat steal Maddie away from him. Tom finds the police station a war zone, complete with media crews and upset Oakdale citizens. Margo tells Tom that due to Hal being out on medical leave and an Oakdale Police Dept. rookie dying on his first assignment, this is the busiest she's seen the station in a while. Carly gets a call at Threadz about Jack. She leaves the office and finds Jack at Memorial and asks what happened. He tells of all the events that took place and then proceeds to blame himself for Dallas's death. Lily finds Holden at Memorial. She scolds him for putting himself in such an interesting predicament, but understand Holden's motives: to protect his kin. Ben calls Jessica from the Children of Promise house. Although Jessica is overjoyed to hear Ben's voice on the phone, that joy is soon cut short when Ben tells Jessica that he's filed for a divorce.


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