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Episode 52




Barbara goes to Memorial to check on James. The nurse on duty tells her that he slipped into a coma about a week ago, but all his tests show improvement and she wouldn't be surprised if he wakes up any minute now. The nurse verifies the fact that Margo said James named Paul as his attacker. Jessica goes to the Children of Promise and learns from the head priest Owen that Ben has requested no visitors. After some badgering, Owen finally allows Jessica to see Ben. Katie and Henry go over plans with the contractor for the TV station. They learn that the man that owned the house was once a prominent news anchor in the community and had the house tailored to fit the needs of a TV station, should he ever decide to build his own station. Holden invites Jack over to the house. The two cousins bond as Holden tries to comfort Jack over the loss of his partner. Andy and Emily arrive at Memorial upon Susan's request. Susan informs the two that Hal has symptoms of early heart disease, but due to today's medicines and technology, Hal should be feeling better in no time. Alone, Emily confides in Andy that she'll never forgive herself if her estrangement from Hal is what led to his medical problems. Roxie and Lisa make dinner plans with Nancy. Once Nancy and Lisa are alone, Nancy informs Lisa that Roxie reminds her alot of Lisa. In a seperate corner of the Lakeview, Roxie stares at a sheet of paper, promising that Lisa will never know what hit her.


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