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Episode 53




Dusty finds Jennifer at the Threadz office and asks how Jennifer is going to handle everything in regards to forgiving Paul, Emily, and Meg. Jennifer snaps to Dusty that she will handle it in her own way and with the help of a new found friend, Nick...just as Nick enters. Carly and Lily have a talk about their husbands and Carly tells Lily that this is really hard for Jack since he's never lost a partner before. Lily feels for Carly, but assures her that Holden will do anything to help his cousin Jack. Roxie returns to the table to find only Nancy. Nancy explains that Lisa had a phone call and begins to badger Roxie on what her true intentions are. Kim gets word from a station worker about Henry and Katie's new endeavor. She calls the two over to the station and scolds them for jumping into something that they have no expertise in. Heath drops by Maddie's new house and after a brief tour, asks Maddie where they stand. Maddie tells him that they've been best friends since kindergarten and she feels as though he's her brother at times. Heath thanks her for her time and leaves...but once outside the house and away from Maddie, he bashes his fist into a brick wall, claiming that he will always love Maddie and he just has to find some way to prove it to her.


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