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Episode 54




Barbara returns to the station and catches a glimpse of Paul. She argues with Margo about setting bail and finally, Margo tells her that Paul's arraignment will be tomorrow and she can take it up with the judge if she still wants to pursue it by then. Meg arrives at Worldwide for her first day on the job and learns from Dusty that he will be working with her to secure a very big client from New York. Though Meg is overjoyed at spending more time with Dusty, Dusty again tells her that they are only friends and co-workers. Susan dsicharges Hal along with a slew of medication. She tells him to take it easy and warns him that if he feels ANY pain, he should return to Memorial. Hal thanks her for her friendship and for watching over him. Susan also tells Hal of Emily being so upset in regards to his health and blaming herself, leaving Hal touched. Katie, Henry, and Maddie learn from the contractor that the station should be ready in about a month and the threesome begins to make plans for the grand opening. Roxie finds Lisa at Fashions and begins asking questions about her family. Lisa talks of her son, Scott, and how badly he hurt her. Alone and on the phone with someone, Roxie reveals that Lisa is her grandmother!


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