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Episode 285



TWOO Opening

Nancy and Kim are floored with the news that Bob is thinking about retiring. Bob tells them that he's done good for all the years he's been at Memorial, but he thinks it's time to hand over his stethoscope to his son. Bob excuses himself and goes to talk with Ben. Jessica informs him that Ben isn't home, but asks if there's anything she can help him with. "Why yes. There is something you can help me with", Bob replies.

Chris comes home and finds Nancy in the kitchen. He surprises her by asking if she's afraid of dying. Nancy assumes that Chris is worried about her, and assures him that she is perfectly healthy. Chris says he knows that, but.....is she afraid of dying? Nancy, a little confused about Chris's eagerness for her to answer, responds that when the Lord wants to call her home, He will...but until then..."You'll just have to put up with me", she says with a smirk.

Lily arrives at Craig's suite and finds nobody home. She leaves Craig a voice mail on his cell phone to come home right away. She needs to speak with him. As she stares at all the family pictures and recalls a happier time, Craig sneaks up behind her and startles her. He recalls doing that to her once at his and Sierra's wedding and he asks if she's heard anything from her sister. Lily replies that she hasn't, but she did hear from Bianca that Sierra's been doing fine. Craig finally breaks the ice and asks Lily what she wanted to speak with him about. Lily asks why Craig is suing her mother and Worldwide and Craig informs a very disturbed Lily that her mother tried to have him killed.

Across town, Dana frets over the situation with Barbara, telling her father that she had nothing to do with a missing file. Grant promises Dana that she has every right to be upset. Dana changes the subject and starts talking about possible places to have his birthday party.

Emily runs into Tom at the police station and he makes arrangements for her to go pick Daniel up from his weekend soccer game. Emily finds Margo in her office and asks her where John is. Margo replies that she hasn't seen him since he posted bail, and now that the charges are dropped, she doubts she'll see him again until he needs something. Emily is hurt that Andy didn't inform her of this, but Margo promises her that he had intentions to do just that.

As Nelly Furtado's "Maneater" plays softly in the background.....

Roxie goes by John's to get her stuff and sees that no-one is home. She grabs her stuff out and as she does, she sees John has a message on his machine. As she listens to Tiffany thank John for such a wonderful time last night, she grows even more furious than what she was to begin with. Crying and screaming, she smashes John's machine into millions of tiny pieces, flips his couch over after tearing a knife into it, throws pictures against the wall, and totally trashes John's house.

Grant and Dana begin to notice little things that are a little odd as they walk throughout the house. Lights in the house being off when they left and now on. A few of Grant's business cards here and there. Some family pictures scattered on the counter. And the faint, foul smell of cigarettes and alcohol. As Grant and Dana round the corner, we see Grant's office chair turned around. Cigarette smoke dances above the chair and three empty martini glasses rest on the desk beside the chair. As the chair slowly turns around....we hear a voice say "Welcome home, my dears". Grant and Dana's mouths both hit the floor when they see who it is.


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Very good job.

Loved the ending with Roxie at John's.

And then loved that Rue McClanahan has been cast. Love her. Can't wait to see what she has in mind for Grant & Dana

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Ok. One, excellent job with the music. Hearing that with the scene was great. And the ending? Man, I was floored. Great work.

Be proud, Dusty. Please keep this up. :)

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Rue is playing Grant's wife? I loved her as Blanche! I want lots of scenes with her and Lisa.Emma and Susan too.Work one in with Lucinda too,LOL!

I love the Nancy& Chris scenes. I loved them on the TV version too and you have captured that relationship in your blog.

Bob is retiring? That might be a good idea.I am glad you are using him.

All around good episode ,Dusty. Keep it up (I know you will!)!

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