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Episode 279



TWOO Opening

Ben arrives at Windy Falls Medical with a million and some questions for Dr. Dagar. The receptionist's shady behavior after he asks to speak with the good doctor about Chris Hughes makes Ben re-think his coming there. Dr. Dagar arrives and offers help for anything Ben needs. Ben asks if he knows why Chris Hughes was terminated and Dr. Dagar replies shockingly that Dr. Hughes was partially involved in the death of an elderly patient. After he was uncooperative during questioning, he was put on probation and terminated from their facility. Ben thanks Dr. Dagar for all of his assistance.

Will returns home to find Gwen nowhere in sight. He calls and she tells him that she'll be out in a minute. She asks from afar how his talk with the Snyders went. Will doesn't know how well it went. And he's afarid that Luke will be spiteful towards him for getting his family involved, but Will reasons he did all he could do. Just then, Gwen enters with sexy lingerie and begs Will to make love to her. Will humorously asks what's gotten into her and Gwen says that in the recent weeks...in between playing peacemaker with Luke and Maddie and Gwen's new job at B.R.O., they've had no time to themselves. Will, as pre-occupied as he is, makes time to sex up his wife, though. He pulls her into a passionate embrace They lock lips and the camera pulls sideways into the Java cafe as we see Will start pulling off his pants.

Lisa and Emma arrive at Java to make sure their plan is working. Susan spots them right off the bat and wonders what they wanted to meet her for. A quick scan around the Grant-less lobby has Emma and Lisa both baffled and dis-heartened. Lisa and Emma make up something and Susan doesn't fall for it. Emma finally reveals the reason they called her here. They wanted to set her up with a man they both know. Susan angrily shouts that this is ridiculous and begins to march out, but she runs smack into Grant.

Barbara returns from her lunch break to find Dana snooping at her desk, scurriedly flipping through files and papers. Barbara asks the new employee what she thinks she's doing and Dana is at a loss for words. Barbara grows even agrier when Dana still doesn't respond and fires her on the spot. As soon as she leaves, a down-but-not-out Dana applauds herself on getting the information she needed as she tucks away a folder she snatched from Barbara's desk. Later, Barbara becomes frustrated when one of her employees comes in and needs a file from the 1997 Baltimore runway show (to try and contact a former costume designer) and Barbara can't find it.

On the next "The World Of Oakdale":

SUSAN: Quite the charmer, aren't you?
GRANT: I try.

ROXIE: You promised me!
JOHN: I did no such thing. All of this...you did on your own accord.

LILY: Baby, please...
LUKE: Okay. I'll get help, but only under one condition.

KATIE: You have no clue what I'm going through.
JACK: Oh, but do I.


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Very good. Loved the extra piece of info on Chris' secret. Can't wait to find otu what Dana is up too. And so funny of Emma & Lisa setting up Susan.

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Very good!

I like the stories your telling.

The Chris story is moving along very nicely.

I like Will's getting in to Luke's problems with a little sidelined action with his wife.

Can't wait to see wnat happened in 1997 with Barbara and Dana.

Lisa,Emma and Susan,what a combination! Add in Jerry Douglas as Grant and that is a good story!!!!!

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