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Episode 280



TWOO Opening

Andy gets through talking with Roxie. We're left with the impression that he's finally broken her down. Andy grabs Emily and they go inside, leaving John and Roxie outside. Once back at John's car, Roxie blasts John for deceiving her. When is he going to follow through with his part of the plan? Roxie explains that the only reason she agreed to break up Andy and Emily was if he helped her hurt the people that have hurt her. John denies everything and Roxie quickly realizes that she made a deal with the devil.

Luke comes in to find Holden and Lily sitting with Dr. Michaels. He asks what's going on with his mom now, considering her frequent visits to the shrink in the past. Dr. Michaels explains to Luke that she's not here for his mother. She's here for him. Luke blows up on the good doctor, forcing Dr. Michaels to take her leave. Once she's gone, Luke criticizes his parents for trying to send him to the loony bin just for getting too drunk and breaking his groundship a few weeks ago. Holden reveals that he knows all about Luke's incident with Maddie the other night and Luke automatically assumes Maddie told them. Lily interjects, saying that if he has bipolar disorder, he needs to seek help before it gets worse. Luke agrees to get help, but only if they tell him who told them about him.

Susan excuses herself and begins to walk away, but Grant asks her to stay. He wants to ask Lisa and Emma what they wanted, but they scurry off before he can ask them. Susan enlightens him that this was their idea...for Grant and Susan to run into each other and fall madly in love. Grant laughs, but decides to himself that his bed has been a bit cold and lonely as of late. Susan notices Grant putting on the charm and calls him on it. Grant suggests that they blow this joint and offers her a nightcap over at his house. Surprisingly, Susan accepts.

Mike is surprised when Katie comes into the station. Mike leaves, wanting to give Katie as much free space as possible. Jack sees her and Katie automatically starts pouring her heart out to him. Jack replies that he knows all to much what Katie's feeling and Katie remembers how Jack and Carly beat the odds to stay together, especially after Jack got amnesia. Jack tells Katie that though the two of them have very different stories, there are some similarities. Katie asks what those are and Jack points out that just like he loved Julia and Carly fought for him...Mike is fighting for her, though she loves Henry.


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Great stuff. Loved the Lily-luke-Lily stuff alot. And loved the opening stuff with Roxie, Andy, and John. Glad Roxie realizes how John is now.

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After having water torture used on me, and after a threat of complete and TOTAL destruction, I am happily commenting on today's episode. :lol:

Great work. Actor, your writing is top-notch. I read the blog every other day, and really have now gotten into the show because of it. Keep this up, please. Shows the real life hacks how to do it right.

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