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Episode 278



TWOO Opening

Will appears at the door over at Holde and Lily's. Holden is on the way out to run some errands and Will asks to speak with him. He tells Holden that he thinks Luke might be bipolar and tells of Luke's incident with Maddie. Holden is furious that his son would do such a thing, but Will informs Holden that bipolar disorder is easily treatable. However, if not treated, it could spiral out of control. He prompts Holden to speak with Lily and Luke and get Luke some serious help before leaving. Menawhile, Luke comes across Maddie at Oakdale Latin and the two lock eyes for the first time since the night Luke tried forcing himself on her.

Jack and Mike run into each other at the station. Mike is wanting Margo for some advice, but Jack tells him that he can talk to him. Mike vents his frustration with Katie not being able to remember their love and while Jack assures Mike that he and Katie will make it through this, Lyla is comforting a distraught Katie. Katie frets that she doesn't know who to love and Lyla tells her to follow her heart.

Emily is shocked when she stops by the apartment and finds Andy talking with his father. Andy confronts Emily, asking if she ever threatened Roxie. Emily admits she did, but never said anything about Roxie's life being in danger. Just then, Roxie busts through the door and demands Emily make a public apology. According to Roxie, she's already notified Lisa and a lawsuit is waiting to be slapped on Emily's desk if she doesn't retract what was said in the article and issue a public apology to both her and her granddaughter. Andy calms both ladies down and suggests Emily and John step outside for a moment. He's going to have a little chit-chat with Roxie.

Rico asks Craig and Lucinda to sit down. Rico sincerely apologize to Craig for scaring/hurting him. He explains that he was just so distraught after Ruby died that he felt that he had to fork the blame for the accident on someone else. He guesses he just had a psychotic break. Craig wonders why Rico followed him for so long. First in North Carolina. Then in Oakdale. Rico tells Craig that he was brought to his attention by an employer, asking that a hit be put out on Craig. Craig demands to know who it was and when he finds out it was Lucinda, he jumps all over her (verbally). Margo comes in and gets the two to quite down. Margo asks what's the matter and Craig tells Lucinda to tell her or "Should I?"

On the next "The World Of Oakdale":

LISA: I've found just the perfect man for you, dear.
LISA: His name is Grant Hamilton and boy, is he splendid!

BARBARA (to a snooping Dana): What do you think you're doing?

WILL: I told his parents. I can only hope they take this thing seriously.
GWEN (strutting in with sexy lingerie): You did all you could. And now...I want you to do all you can to me.

BEN: I'm here to speak with Dr. Dagar.
BEN: Regarding Dr. Chris Hughes.

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