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Episode 268



Jack and Margo survey the area by Memorial and get a call that Roxie just tried to use her grandmother's ATM card. Jack and Margo quickly arrive to the scene and re-arrest an emotional Roxie.

Meanwhile, Barbara asks Gwen again if she got the information that she requested. Gwen says she did and hands over all of Dana's recent activity. It seems Barbara wanted to know why Dana had been staying so long after work and Gwen admits that Dana seemed a bit weird when she found Gwen at her computer. Barbara looks over the pages and is shocked by what she sees.

Back at the Hughes home, Chris continues to say more than he should have. Bob notifies Chris that they only discovered that he had nearly lost his medical license, but nobody would every tell Ben why. Chris is outraged that they all went behind his back, especially his father and Ben. Chris screams out in rage and bolts out the door with Nancy right behind him.

At the Walsh residence, Lucinda grabs a glass of wine to help her relax after her strenuous day at Worldwide. However, Craig comes running in. Apparently the man who has been following him started tailing him again and Craig is downright petrified. Lucinda tries to calm his fears and basically, get rid of him, but when Craig looks out the window, there's no calming him down. Lucinda looks out the window and as she and Rico exchange glares, Rico knows she's ticked and he better stop while he's ahead. Lucinda nods as Rico flashes away.

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