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Episode 267



Gwen makes up a story about her faulty computer and Dana, though still skeptical, apologizes for jumping on Gwen. Later, Gwen arrives at Barbara's office and locks the door behind her. Barbara looks up and asks Gwen if she got the information Barbara sent her after. Gwen nods yes.

Andy and Emily rush to the hospital and learn that John showed signs of a stroke when they were booking him. Both are relieved, however, when the tests come back and the readings are good. Emily wonders if all the stress from trying to keep them apart might have finally triggered something. Later, Jack arrives and informs everyone that apparently, John was faking it all to create a distraction so Roxie could flee. And so she has.

Luke returns to the Snyder home to find Lucinda and Lily arguing over Holden going on a business meeting. He furiously asks the two women why they continue to create such a hostile environment. Why can't they just get along? Lucinda leaves and Lily apologizes for him having to see that. She tells Luke that they have some alone time since Holden has taken the girls to go get ice cream. She asks him what's bothering him, but Luke won't tell.

Chris arrives home and finds Bob, Kim, and Nancy in peculiar moods. Nancy comes out and says that Ben talked to Chris's old boss. They know everything. Chris, in a panic, admits that he never meant to hurt anyone, which completely baffles Bob, Kim, and Nancy who realize that they must have missed a detail somewhere along the way.

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Can't wait to find out Chris' secret. and what Gwen discovered for Barbara. John was faking so Roxie could get away.Loved it all!

Good work Dusty.

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