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Episode 266



Dana comes into the library to find her father perusing over some financial notes. He shoves it to the side when he realizes Dana wants to talk. She asks him why he has this absurd infatuation with two women who are well past their prime, telling her father that he could do so much better. Grant dismisses his daughter, who in turn, arrives for work at B.R.O. only to find Gwen on her computer. Dana asks Gwen what the hell she thinks she's doing.

Jack gets a call while at work. Though viewers don't know what the call said, Jack rushes home to find Carly packing, saying that she got the call too. Jack hates to see her leave, but is so happy about the phone call. Carly makes Jack promise her that he will get help with the kids and let them know that she's not abandoning them. Throughout all the chaos, Carly breaks down in Jack's arms. Jack tells her to hurry before she misses her flight and Carly kisses her G-Man goodbye. As soon as she does, it hits Jack and he thanks God that Rosanna has finally woken up!

Luke arrives at the bus station to find that Tom and Margo have already picked Maddie up. Still a little confused and nervous about the status of their relationship, Luke calls Maddie and asks her to meet him at Java. Once they both come face to face, Maddie tells Luke the hard news that she's been debating on telling him for a few days now. She's leaving in the summer to go to college in Maine.

Emily and Andy snuggle in the bed. Andy tells Emily that though she really hurt him, what they just did makes up for all of it. Emily apologizes again, saying that Andy grounds her and that's what she needs...that's what she has needed for quite some time now. Susan calls them and tells them to meet her at Memorial. It's urgent! They fear something is wrong with Daniel, but she tells them it's not Daniel. It's John.


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Interesting! I always thought Gwen should be more devious!!! Looking forward to seeing what transpires between the two of these women!

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