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Episode 258



Chris comes downstairs at the Hughes home to find Nancy reading. Nancy can't seem to grasp the idea that Chris left his well-paying job at a well-known hospital to return home to "spend more time with family". Nancy just doesn't buy it, despite what Chris says. Just as Chris is about to tell Nancy all, Emily arrives with Daniel. Nancy tells an inquiring Emily that she hasn't seen Bob or Kim all day, Tom is at an emergency hearing, Margo has her hands full with work, and she, herself, is on the way out to go play bingo with some girlfriends. Nancy suggests Emily drop Daniel off with Chris until Tom can be reached, but neither Chris nor Emily seem impressed with the idea. However, Emily gets a call about a problem at The Enquirer and is left with no choice. An aggravated Emily leaves an eager Daniel with his uneasy Uncle Chris.

Craig is surprised to see Lucinda come in the door. Lucinda blasts him for making her run late for the telethon the other night with his childish hunch that someone had been following him. Craig apologizes and Lucinda is shocked when he does. Craig tells Lucinda that despite the town-wide assumption otherwise, jail really changed his life. Lucinda still thinks there's something Craig isn't telling her and speaking the way only Ms. Lucinda Walsh can, she eventually gets to him. Craig reveals that he made the biggest mistake of his life in prison, and now he may pay for it with his life.

Andy and Susan talk over a cup of hot cocoa at Java. Andy tells of Roxie's immature ploy to gain sympathy in the parking lot at the telethon. Susan advises Andy to stay clear of Roxie and John until she can find out more about their connection. Later, Susan arrives at John's house. John seems a little down in the dumps, but is in for a shock when Susan starts to fawn over him. John takes the bait and immediately assumes they'll be spending some time in the bedroom. While John goes to "freshen up", Susan does some snooping and finds among other things: one of Roxie's blouses, some perfume, and an empty pharmacy bag. Susan snatches it all up and begins to head out the door until John appears and asks where she think she's going.

Dana walks through the lobby of the Lakeview, planning on sneaking back up to her father's suite when she runs right into...her father. Grant holds up Dana's lip gloss and Dana covers, saying that she left that a few days ago, went to his suite to retrieve it, and when someone knocked, she got startled and ran out. Grant falls for it and asks his daughter to join him for lunch. Dana says she has a job interview and leaves. Later, we see Dana walk into an Oakdale business. The setting looks familiar. Dana walks up to the front desk and tells the receptionist, "Dana Hamilton. I have a 2 o'clock interview with Ms. Barbara Ryan."


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I am glad you are using the character of Chris again. And just like in the show he is close to his grandmother.

So,what brings him back to Oakdale????

Craig admits he made a mistake?I wonder what it is!Love his interaction with Lucinda.

I love how you are using Susan too.

I love that you like to use the veterans just like I do.

Good Job!!!!!!!

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Oh thanks, James! :) I'm so glad to see you commenting again :P

Chris's return is just soaked with mystery...and I love it! The fall-out once he reveals why he's back...is going to be good! I have two secenarios playing in my head and I haven't decided which one to go with just yet, but both are just as good as the other as far as drama goes.

Craig really has changed. I think once you go to jail...there's just something about it that changes you...for better or for worse. And so is the case with Craig.

And Susan? She's always been a favorite character of mine and though I haven't been watching nearly as long as you and still haven't gotten writing for her down pat just yet, I'm working on it. Heck, I've been using Susan alot since I started the blog. I just love her! :P

Stay tuned. Mor drama headed your way! ;)

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Good job. Loved the Nancy & Chris scenes. Good to have him back.

Loved the Craig scenes too. I too am anxious to find out what his secret is.

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