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Episode 17




James takes Barbara to the top of a cliff, where he has payed for a string orchestra and has set up a candlelight dinner. Barbara thinks of pushing James off the cliff at first, but notices something different about him...he actually acts like he cares for her. The bliss is ended however when James brings up Paul and the two argue about their son and his sanity. Barbara leaves in a huff, unaware that James has plans for her.

Lisa finds Bob just egtting off of work and asks if he can do some investiagting and find Scott. Bob says that he will but insists on knowing why Lisa's so eager to find a son that hated her and used her for all she was worth. Lisa says that time heals wounds and she hopes that the same can be said for her tattered replationship with Scott.

Lily goes to check on Lucinda and finds Sierra, who fills her in on Lucinda's rash decision to move the surgery up a few weeks. Both daughters berate their mother for not waiting, but Lucinda replies that she's tired of fighting the cancer and will do whatever it takes to put it in remission.

Gwen goes to Carly's and aplogoizes for beign so short and rude. Carly counsels Gwen and tells her what a magnificent sketcher she is and claims that after some rough trainign from her big sis, she could one day be a big name in the fashion world. Gwen asks Carly what to do with her gift and Carly calls someone. When Jennifer shows up, Gwen is taken aback and wants to leave. Jennifer pulls Gwen aside and they finally have the heart to heart they've needed for a while. Later, Jennifer agrees to talk to Dusty about getting them jobs and points out Street Jeans's undecided fate.

Emily looks at Andy's card and swears that she could never follow in her mother's footsteps, but then flashes back to Susan saying that sometimes, alcoholism is generic. Emily blames Paul for her mental and emotional unstability. Meanwhile, Andy is extremely nervous while conducting his first AA meeting and is shocked and surprised when Emily comes in.

Maddie and Katie talk to Kim about their jobs. Kim says that ever since B.J. was killed, the money just hasn't been there for them and to save costs, they scrapped Katie's show and have laid off several people. When the two girls return to the cottage, they find Henry outside, who claims that Nick's ego barely left him enough room in the house to breathe, let alone stand. He also warns Katie about guys like Nick, but Katie brushes Henry off as being too overprotective and jealous. Maddie interrupts the akward moment by telling Henry of her and Katie's new unemployment status. Henry tells the girls that he has an idea.


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