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Casting About/Rumors



*Oakdale Digest has learned that TWOO is currently casting the role of "Heath Clayborn", a character with past romantic ties to one Oakdaleian. New HW Dusty says, "He will definitely figure into the teen scene."

*Not only is the show casting for the role of "Heath", but a mystery woman is being cast. Mystery, not because of character traits, but because nothing is known about her character at this time...just that her role will not debut for a while. Oakdale Digest promises to let you know the minute something is known.

*Ernest Waddell is reprising his role as "Curtis" starting in late January. Like before, the role is recurring.

*The rumor is that Zach Roerig has been fired from the show, leaving several castmates stunned.

*Everyone has been probably wondering if Nick is a cop in this fan fiction. Not hardly! Readers will find out Nick's reason for being in Oakdale on Friday, January 13th.

*A camera man from TWOO has posted on his internet site that backstage buzz has Jessica Dunphy, Peyton List, and Agim Kaba returning to the show, but not until late spring or early summer. When asked about this rumor, TWOO Headwriter Dusty said, "What's this ******* camera man's name?!"

*Look for a contract character to leave sometime next month, with another one not far behind.


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