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Episode 18




Meg meets a man at Metro. While he talks of being dumped at the altar, she talks about recently being dumped, also. The two bond and share a kiss just as Dusty walks in. Dusty goes over and introduces himself to the man and yells at him to scram. Meg is beyond horrified and extremely upset. She asks him what he's doing, and Dusty just replies that he's saving her the trouble of runing another meaningless relationship.

After AA, Andy talks to Emily and she fills him in on Paul. Andy is in shock, but says he's not surprsied. He always knew Paul would eventually turn into a true Stenbeck. Emily can't believe that she never saw it. Andy comforts Emily and says that when you're in love, you tend to not see some things like others do. Emily says she should have just stayed in her boring relationship with Hal. Emily thanks Andy for his ear and kisses him on the cheek, as both of them head to their respective homes.

Will comes to the Penthouse and finds Barbara very edgy and upset. She tells him that James has come back to Oakdale and is more obsessed than ever with her. Will warns her to stay away and brings up Gwen. Barbara, as always, starts degarding Gwen and Will's job at Metro. Will is furious and tells his mother that she's better off with James. They're perfect for each other...they play with people's lives and emotions, never thinking twice.

Bob goes by Fashions and finds Lisa. He gives her a folder and tells her that everything she ever wanted to know about Scott and his life after leaving Oakdale is in that folder. She can open it or move on with the future. Lisa thanks him for his time and Bob leaves. Alone, Lisa opens the folder and discovers that Scott died in 2002 in a boating accident. Lisa beings to unravel and grabs her coat, heading over to see Nancy.

Lucinda and Sierra chat about Lucy. Sierra says that Lucy is at the top of her class and is olny a few credit hours away from graduating with a degree in business. Lucinda jokes that she's a chip off the old block, referring to herslef. Lucinda also tells Sierra of the Worldwide board meeting and to go along with whatever is said. Sierra is touched when her mother promises to hand the company over to Lily and Sierra if the cnacer gets the best of her, but Sierra retaliates that her mother is not going to die anytime soon, leaving Lucinda touched as well.

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